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When’s the best time to buy a vacation package?
vacation package
mc asked:

I am traveling Dec 14-18 and there is a vacation package that i want to purchase. The package originally was 550(when i saw it 3 weeks ago) went up to 770 last week and today is down to 597. Should i get this package now or see a couple days more if it goes back down to original price? Keep in mind today is exactly 90 days before the time of travel, if that has any bearing on the price

ski resort
Suggestions for an all-inclusive vacation in the Caribbean?
all inclusive vacation
Heather asked:

We are trying to plan a vacation for the end of February or beginning of March but we’re having a lot of trouble figuring out where to go. We want to go somewhere in the Caribbean, preferably all-inclusive. We love to lay on the beach but are a little worried about getting bored. We also love history and nature. Where would you suggest?

ski resort
Where can you get the Cheapest All Inclusive Vacation?
all inclusive vacation
vic21_us asked:

Trying to book a all inclusive vacation package in March, does anybody know any good websites or agents to refer to?

all inclusive vacation