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All Inclusive Jamaica Vacations-FAQ

Jamaica is one of the most luxurious islands you could ever want to see and it is for sure the most fashionable holidaymaker destination in the West Indies. This island is filled with exquisite food, white sandy beaches and a extensive rich historical past. All inclusive Jamaica vacations offer you the ideal opportunity to explore the large array of tourist attractions that are available to you in Jamaica.

The island of Jamaica is located just south of Cuba and west of the Dominican Republic. All the major cities here are placed along the seashore, these include Ocho Rios, Montego Bay and Kingston. When you are on your all inclusive Jamaica vacations, if you wish then you will be able to travel to all or just one of these fantastic resorts. These resorts all have different beaches to a certain degree. This gives you the chance to have the most idyllic all inclusive vacation in the Caribbean.

Seven Mile Beach is one of the finest beaches of Jamaica, which is located near Negril. This exquisite beach is extended 11 km beside the west coast. The whole beach is covered by golden sands and is an idyllic place for families

Boston Bay Beach is another attractive beach in Jamaica, which is located near Port Antonio. The beach is better-known for its clean waters, white sands and the grand jerk pork stands. Holidaymakers can witness the largest sea waves at Boston Bay Beach and can hire surfboards to enjoy surfing in these waters.

You should take time on your all inclusive Jamaica vacations to explore some of the interior of Jamaica. The Black River is based on the South Coast of Jamaica. If you take the time to visit this area, you will be reminded of the Tarzan pictures, this is because the spot is full with lush green trees and forests.

While on a excursion with South Coast Safaris, you will find wild crocodiles in the woods. As well, this place is the home for many wild animals. Birdwatchers will forget everything here seeing the abundance of birds and bird life in these forests.

Green Grotto Caves are some of the most attractive caves in Jamaica and once these granite caves were used to hide fugitive slaves. On the face of the caves, there are non-stop boardrooms and there is a supernatural Grotto Lake near it. You can visit the lake by taking a boat. Blue Mountains is another beautiful place in Jamaica, which should not be missed on your all-inclusive Jamaica vacations.

The Blue Mountains is one of the largest and greenest parks in the Caribbean and it is best for traveling around. To reach the peak of the mountains you have to trek five to six hours through deep foliage. While on thisa trek you will be able to listen to the wonderful bird songs and chirping of the birds.

All inclusive Jamaica vacations offer a nice opportunity of enjoying the rafting experience. You can go rafting on the Rio Grande, which is located near Port Antonio. Rafting on the Rio Grande is a unique experience to Jamaica and you can use the bamboo poles to push the rafts along. Martha Brea’s village is another spot to enjoy rafting during your Jamaica vacations.

This village offers a superb rafting experience. Here you have to sit on a high platform, which is made from cane wood and from the platform you can observe the long spread out river surroundings. The view of the river scenery is fascinating and charming.

Savour an all inclusive Jamaica vacations, by exploring various attractions and savouring the resplendence of this wonderful holiday destination.

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