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Ghibli Museum Offers Magic In Japan

There is much that Japan as a country can offer to any person, regardless of interests, passions or hobbies. For any anime fan, going to the East Asian country that is a recognized leader of the sub-culture, as well as shopping hotbeds like Akihabara, it can be like a trip to heaven. There are endless number of toys and figures that would have collectors busy for days. However, there is also another attraction tucked away in a quaint little town in Japan that is often overlooked. The quiet town of Mitaka is home to a museum that was erected by the legendary animator Hayao Miyazaki. The Ghibli Museum is an absolute must-visit for a true blue fan of the genre.

Modeled partly in the likeness of the actual work studios that the Ghibli company is housed in, the museum is home to souvenirs and memorabilia from the many movies that they have created. Famous with anime fans all over the world, movies such as Spirited Away were prime movers in the anime industry. The success generated by the films have led to Studio Ghibli and Miyazaki being crowned one of Japan's cultural icons in the industry. With the museum, everyone would be able to understand and experience why this is so.

The attraction has gained immense popularity since its inception. This initially led to large crowds descending in hordes and it was more than the museum could handle. Unusually for such an establishment, the management decided to make it harder for anyone getting tickets to the Ghibli Museum, in an effort to curb the crowds. It also prevented the exhibits from getting worn out or abused due to too many visitors within a short period of time. It was also a moee that led to periodic maintenance so that visitors can enjoy something new each time.

Once inside the museum, any visitor will be awashed in awe and amazement. If there is one place or thing that could convince anyone of the magic that exists in cartoons or animated films, it would be the Ghibli Museum. The exhibits can only be described as technical marvels that have elements of science, mathematics and creative thinking all rolled into one. For those who wish to have a feel of what it would be like in an animation artist's studio, the second floor of the museum provides that. Souvenir hunters will be spoilt for choice as they can pick up books and other items from a wide array of choices offered by two specialist shops.

Even with the daily limits being placed on visitor numbers, there remains thousands of people who are not able to resist a trip to the museum in Mitaka. Many fans do not take for granted that they have plenty of time to make the trip anytime. It is also one of the most recommended places to stop by for anyone visiting Japan, especially within the city of Tokyo. Going on a Ghibli Museum day tour definitely provides one of the highlights for many a traveler who made the effort to venture there. Even if one were not a fan of the culture, it can still provide plenty of thrills and spills in every way.

Destination Wedding Packages That You May Want To Learn


So, now that you have planned everything for you wedding this June, don’t you think it’s time that you should also plan for your honeymoon? Well, not just any kind of plan or the usual plan but you might want to spend that lovely honeymoon of yours in some place far away where you can’t see nothing but the person you love sitting right beside you amidst of the vast regions of utopia where sandy beaches, the best sunset and the best ambience can be felt all throughout the day and into the night. If you want to give your partner the best honeymoon ever, why not try to learn more about the best destination weddings locations like the Bahamas, the Port-au-Prince, the Bermuda, Florida, Boracay Islands in the Philippines, Hawaii, Fiji Islands or somewhere where paradise is still regarded as paradise? All over the Internet, a lot of sites are now offering a lot of travel and vacation options especially designed for honeymooners. They can give you a lot of ideas on where to spend your honeymoon, how you’re going to spend it and how long would you want to spend it.

If you like to go to Caribbean Islands, for instance, and you have no idea what to expect there or even how to get there, that’s why, it’s always best that you a destination wedding travel company. These destination wedding sites can even give you special prices for it, knowing that you will be spending your honeymoon for as long as you want. They can give you all the details regarding the place, what to expect and how to really enjoy it, every second of it.

So, what are you waiting for? Right now is the right time that you should find the best destination wedding packages but the problem is, what specific site can give you the ultimate honeymoon package? The first thing you need to do is to “scan” them out. If possible, you have to read some reviews first of every wedding package company that you can come across and once you have seen something that tickles your fancy, that’s the time you can choose what you want.

Budget Breaks in Lanzarote

The current economic doom and gloom means that some holiday makers will be staying at home this year. Rather than enjoying a sunshine break abroad.  And whilst no destination is immune many, such as Lanzarote in the Canary Islands, will still be attracting a sizeable amount of arrivals.  Despite the weak pound and economic climate.

This is great news for the tourists visiting the island as there are some great deals to be had on Lanzarote Villas and apartments in Lanzarote.

Last year Lanzarote welcomed just over 1.5 million tourists.  But this figure is sure to fall during 2009.  As arrivals have already dropped by around 20%, during the first quarter of this year, according to AENA, the Spanish airport authority.  But for many in the UK and Eire a domestic break can be just as expensive, if not more so.  And still offers no real guarantee of sunshine.

Self catering holidays on islands such as Lanzarote can in fact work out to be very affordable.  The cost of a weeks stay in many Lanzarote apartments for example starts at around €170 per week.  And this is the price per room, rather than per person.   Those looking for a really good accommodation deal should search for apartments in Puerto del Carmen.  As Lanzarote´s biggest resort offers the largest range of choice, boasting hundreds of complexes.

The bulk of these tend to be located in the New Town area.  Usually in close proximity to the beach (within ten minutes walking distance) and all of the other amenities of the resort.  Puerto del Carmen has also enjoyed a makeover in the last twelve months.  And now boasts a smart new beachfront promenade and an upmarket marina in the Old Town harbour area.  So further enhancing the resorts appeal.

There´s a wide selection of high quality Lanzarote villas available for rent across the island.  All offering high standards of accommodation with prices starting from around €400 per week.  For a two bedroom villa with private pool.  There are more villas in Playa Blanca, the newest destination on the island, than in any other resort.  Thanks to the fact that hundreds of overseas investors have snapped up property here in recent years to rent out to their fellow tourists.

Playa Blanca is an ideal location for a break in the sun.  Not least as it enjoys the best microclimate on the island.  And is also home to some of Lanzarote´s finest beaches – such as the set of coves at Papagayo, which are just fifteen minutes walk from the town centre.  Along with Playa Dorada and Playa Flamingo in the heart of the resort itself.

Visitors to Spain and the Canary Islands will get a warm welcome and have a fantastic holiday regardless of their choice of destination.

Have You Experienced The Rome City Center?

Rome day tours

A visit to the Rome city center is more than what many might think. Although this city center is one of the most visited places in the world, one might actually be coming to see the seat of the Holy Roman Catholic Church. However, what one may not realize is that the city center of Rome is filled with a ton of places to occupy one’s time. And one can find great Vatican City hotels to stay in right in the middle of the city. The city center is quite an experience for those who are going to visit the modern and ancient world of Rome.

The first thing that people will more than likely see when they visit the Rome city center is one of the seven hills of the city. According to legend, Rome is built upon these seven hills. Today, one can still catch a glimpse of one of the many ancient walls that once surrounded these hills and served to keep out invaders. An interesting fact is that Vatican hill is not considered part of the Seven Hills of Rome.

The city center of Rome is not only filled with history but also modern places. Over three hundred hotels, two hundred palaces, nine hundred churches, and almost all of the governmental offices are located in this city center. A Rome city tour is based on all that is offered for the tourist in this center. The heart of Rome is located on the old city center where, at one time, people used to come to market in their long togas to purchase items for their everyday lives. Rome day tours can lead one right through this metro area that is filled with something all the time.

Rome is known as the eternal city, and the Rome city center is a testament to this fact. For centuries, the city center has been the hub of Rome and all of its happenings. Today, the center is known as being the home to everything Roman, including great fountains. The city center is one place a person should not miss because of all that it offers to the consummate tourist.

Cardiff Breaks and Some Important Things To Know

The city of Cardiff is not only the capital city of Wales, but also the most popular visitor destination in the UK besides London, the English capital. The city is also the largest of the cities in Wales, however the city remained only a reasonably small town until it reached the early 1800′s. It was in the early eighteen hundreds that the small Welsh town developed into a busy seaport involved in the transport of local coal, plus other various local industries. It wasn’t until the 28th October 1905 the town of Cardiff was given city status (granted by King Edward VII of England), however, strangely, Cardiff only became the capital city of Wales on 20th December nineteen fifty five. Following this Cardiff very quickly became the place of choice for a number of national institutions, including the University of Wales Registry Building, the National Museum of Wales and the Welsh National War Memorial. Throughout the last few decades the industry known as I.T. has witnessed incredible rates of expansion as well as, to a lesser degree other sectors of business, especially in service industries. Tourism has also witnessed dramatic growth and today there are large numbers of hotels supplying bed & breakfast in Cardiff.

Visitor Attractions To Visit In Cardiff

Even though Cardiff has been a city for only one hundred years, surprisingly there has been a castle in existence in Cardiff for two thousand years, or thereabouts. The current Cardiff Castle is one of the city’s most popular attractions and can be located right in the very middle of the city centre. It is possible for folk to enjoy a guided tour exploring the interior of the castle, and, enjoy a relaxing stroll around the amazingly picturesque gardens of the castle. At the castle you will also fairly find a new Interpretation Centre which shows the various stages of development, of the castle,  throughout the ages from Roman times right up to today.

The city of Cardiff also has a respectable number of modern visitor attractions including the incredibly fascinating Techniquest, one of Great Britain’s best centres for Science Discovery. At the Science Discovery centre one will be presented with in excess of 100 hands on exhibits, designed both to entertain and fascinate people of all ages. The centre has a Discovery Room, a planetarium, a hi-tech Science Theatre and a laboratory.

There are a great many more visitor attractions to see in Cardiff, so, if you are currently thinking about taking a vacation there it is vital that you book your  accommodation at the earliest opportunity as, sadly Cardiff hotels and guest houses tend to be surprisingly busy and are commonly fully booked well in advance. If your family is large you may find that apartment accommodation in Cardiff proves to be a cheap option compared to bed and breakfast accommodation.

Lanzarote Travel Guide

Despite the current economic downturn the holiday island of Lanzarote still expects to welcome well over one million foreign visitors during the course of 2009.  The majority of them from the UK.  As the island remains a favoure holiday spot with tourists.  Much to the delight of the many thousands of overseas owners of holiday villas in Lanzarote.

Fortunately most families still refuse to cut their annual vacations and holidays even if money is tight.

The Canarian archipelago, which consists of a total of seven islands, is a mere four hours away from the UK by plane.  And some of the best known economy airlines fly there, such as Jet 2 and Thomas Cook.which means you can usually get a flight for as little as £200 round trip.  Making it a big favourite with overseas investors – many of whom rent their property in Lanzarote to holidaymakers. The bulk of flights from the UK operate on Mondays and Thursdays.

Lanzarote only has the one international airport at Arrecife.  Which is located around 3km from the island capital of the same name.  This serves as the hub for ´domestic’ flights between the other six Canary Islands as well as the rest of Spain.  Facilities at the airport are a little limited by mainland European standards.  For example there are no bureau de change facilities or shops in the arrivals hall.

The majority of visitors to the island are booked on package holidays.  Which means that they are transferred to their hotels in Lanzarote on coaches provided by their tour operator.  Independent travellers should note that there is no public or shuttle bus service available at the airport.  Which means that they will need to either hire a car in the arrivals hall or take a taxi just outside it.  Car hire on the island is relatively cheap with prices starting from around €20 per day.

On the upside, getting to most accommodation such as Lanzarote villas or apartments is usually pretty quick.  As the island is very small – measuring less than 60km from end to end.  So transfer times are speedy.  For example, Playa Blanca, which is the furthest resort from the airport can be reached in around 35 minutes.  Whilst the other two main resorts of Costa Teguise and Puerto del Carmen are both within a ten minute radius of Arecife airport.

Lanzarote provides visitors with plenty to do.  There´s over ninety beautiful beaches, the majority boasting golden sands.  Whilst the island also boasts a unique volcanic scenery, thanks to the eruptions of the 1730´s which carpeted around a quarter of Lanzaroe in lava.  A local artist called Cesar Manrique worked with this volcanic terrain to create some great attractions, such as the Jameos del Agua and the Cactus Garden.  Which should feature on any visitors itinerary.

Pop along to the Lanzarote villas website for the very latest availability of holiday villas in Lanzarote. You can also find a great selection of  Lanzarote apartments to rent there too.

Five Best Tropical Holiday Destinations

If you’re thinking of jetting off to sunnier climes this summer but are not sure where to go don’t worry, look no further than our guide to the top five best destinations for tropical holidays. We’ve compiled the best selection of destinations for a perfect luxury tropical break, so all you have to do is sit down, relax and enjoy your holiday!

1. Grenada
The island of Grenada, also known as ‘Spice Island’, is one of the most popular tourist destinations for Carribean holidays as much of the beautiful mountainous scenery is covered with unspoilt rainforests and waterfalls, giving the island a truly tropical feel. The historic and picturesque capital town, St George, offers the chance to experience island life amongst the locals, and the Saturday market is great fun to visit.

2. Thailand
A visit to Thailand is truly a feast for the mind and senses. From the shopping and nightlife of Bangkok to the stunning long white beaches of the beautiful coastlines, Thailand has something to offer for everyone. The country’s natural beauty and unique history and culture ensures that Thailand remains a hugely popular destination for holidaymakers, and the cuisine is second to none.

3. Maldives
Clear seas, white sands and pure tranquillity make the Maldives the perfect destination for romantic holidays and honeymoons. The 1,190 small slands are largely uninhabited and lie in sheltered atolls surrounded by coral reefs. Most of the resorts and hotels in the area are each located on their own exclusive islands, ensuring a truly private retreat.

4. Barbados
The most easterly of the Caribbean islands and a popular choice for couples looking for weddings abroad, Barbados combines the stunning scenery we expect from Caribbean destinations with a wider variety of possibilities for nightlife, shopping and eating out. In contrast to the calm western coastline on the Caribbean sea, the eastern coastline is exposed to the wild Atlantic ocean, making for some beautiful and dramatic views.

5. Bali
The Indonesian island of Bali is the ultimate picturesque tropical holiday destination with palm fringed beaches, luxury hotels and a wealth of culture just waiting to be discovered. Bali also boasts some of the best crafts and shopping in the Far East and an ardent shopper could happily lose themselves for days in the buzzing streets and markets in many of the towns.

Albena Holidays

Albena is a relatively small beach resort on Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast. It is not as well known to international tourists as the two large beach destinations in Bulgaria – Sunny Beach and Golden Sands, but it is the preferred destination for many Bulgarians. Albena (?????? in Bulgarian) is situated 12km south of the town of Balchik, 14km north of the Golden Sands resort and only 30km from the city of Varna. The international airport in Varna is operational year round and can be accessed from most European capitals.

Located at the foot of hills planted with trees and shrubs, Albena is spread along a small bay. Albena features a 6km long and 150 meters wide beach, well protected from high winds. Unlike many of the other beach resorts in Bulgaria, Albena did not experience a construction boom in the last few years. It features medium sized hotels, mostly built during communist times, but thoroughly renovated. Albena has kept a lot of its original design that envisioned large open spaces between its hotels, with trees and gardens. Its beach is almost never crowded. In fact, the entire resort is significantly quieter and calmer than the buzzing Sunny Beach and Golden Sands. Close to Albena, and officially part of the resort, is the national nature preserve Baltata. In combination they offer something from both the modernity of new beach side resorts and the preserved unspoiled nature.

 The picturesque town of Balchik, with its botanical garden is located only 12km from Albena. The botanical garden hosts the architectural park complex “The Castle” – the residence of the Romanian queen Maria in the beginning of 20th century. The resort offers excellent conditions for medical treatment, sports, congresses and education. It offers a medical spa, a congress facility, a theatre, and a sports center.

Albena and its vicinity offer a wide range of accommodation options including hotels, guest houses, apartments and villas. A number of new hotels and guest houses were built around Albena in the last few years making it possible for visitors to Albena and the region to enjoy their holiday. The owners of many private holiday apartments also decided to make their properties available for rent to tourists.

Travel Easy With Backpack

Bags are made from a variety of materials such as canvas, jute, plastic, leather and nylon. Leather bags show up as something special by its smooth touch. They exude the traditional richness and grandeur. Leather bags come in all shapes and sizes to meet a variety of needs. These bags now hold an enviable place in the world of fashion, whether men or women. They are popular especially amongst women’s accessories.

You get the feel that you are someone special when you carry with you a leather bag. That comes from its rich stylish but elegant and smooth look. The hide of cows is the common form of leather used in its manufacture. But the skin of crocodile, alligator, fish, stingray and often snake are also used in their manufacture. The leather is both scratch resistant and tough. Leather bags are designed as backpacks, shoulder bags and hand bags. There are special exquisitely designed bags for women.

The genuine leather backpack is popular amongst leather bags for travelers. They are just great gifts for your loved ones. They are popular as corporate gifts these days. Some are designed with detachable wheeled laptop carriers too. The adjustable single or double back strap makes it possible to suit your convenience. The multiple pockets, clips and zips accommodate the small little things that you need when traveling. The corners are smooth as they are folded. The elegance is enhanced by its weathered rugged look without actually losing the premium look. What more do you need when you think of all the things that you need to take with you when traveling? Practical and affordable, you will not have a better choice.

Available in a wide range of designs for all occasions, the leather bags can also be bought off online. Choose the style and design that you want. Compare the prices. It just takes a little bit extra care to make sure that these last longer. But make sure to protect the leather bags from wind, rain and oily items. Clean the bag with a soft cloth and give the bag a shine with the leather shiner. When you are not using the bag, take care that you store it in a cloth bag rather than a plastic bag to keep the shine on.

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Top 3 Exciting Weekend West Virginia Tourism Getaways

West Virginia Tourism

Has your family chosen where you want to go on your summer vacation? You are not alone, most families have not yet decided where they want to go. It can be a very time consuming activity to discover that perfect vacation escape, so check out the options for your West Virginia tourism. You will find various alternatives and it certainly will not be a simple decision!

Good news, if you are careful and appreciate the commitment to do some planning, it will make your summer vacation fun and one of those “family events” that you will treasure forever. The most frequent mistake people experience is first choosing a “destination.” The best vacations begin when you first choose “what you want to do”! Do you want to go camping, tanning on a beach, playing and relaxing at a park, or touring informational or historical attractions? By deciding “what you want to do” first, you are off to the best start of choosing that perfect family West Virginia vacation destination!

Once you know “what you want to do” – you can sort through the various tourism destination areas and find those exciting attractions that you want to go see or do. By taking a short time planning, you can also find those destinations that include a number of attractions that are of interest to both you and your whole family. Online destination guides are useful that can help you choose detailed information about events that are more detailed than a vauge attraction name and address. Once you know “what” you want to do and “where” you want to go, a legitimate high quality online West Virginia destination guide will provide you a quality article describing each attraction to assist you making an informed decision about what you want to do and where you want to go.

Here are three West Virginia vacation locations that you may want to consider:

Idea #1: West Virginia Black Walnut Festival – Spencer, West Virginia. This annual celebration has something for everyone. The Agricultural, 4-H, FFA, Canned Goods and Flower Show are just a tiny part of this outstanding celebration. The Antique Power Show is held in Heritage Park with working antique engines used in farming and industry in the early part of the century. Another interesting thing to see is the oil derrick (which is in Heritage Park) fired up for people to see.

Idea #2: The Cranberry Glades Botanical Area consists of four bog wetlands in the Monongahela National Forest in Pocahontas County. The 750 acre area is located high in the Allegheny Mountains, and it is a wonderful place to see a very unique habitat that supports a fascinating array of plants and wildlife.

Idea #3: Bridge Day, the day when over 200,000 people gather to celebrate the completion of the New River Gorge Bridge. This celebration includes parachutists jumping from the Bridge to the river below, rappellers dangling from ropes under the bridge, food and arts and crafts vendors galore and great entertainment for everyone!

As you can see, you have a wide variety of options available to you when it is time to select that perfect family West Virginia attractions . Take your chance to plan carefully what you want to do and where you want to go. Use a professional travel guide to help you on those perfect West Virginia vacations. And you will find that you will experience a wonderful vacation with a lifetime of memories.