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A Trip to Las Vegas

Photos of Las Vegas

Las Vegas is not only known as The Entertainment Capital of the World, it is an internationally renowned major resort city for gambling, shopping and fine dining.

Las Vegas has become famous for the number of casino resorts and associated entertainment that it has to offer. The city earned the title of Sin City due to it’s tolerance for various forms of adult entertainment. Outdoor lighting displays are everywhere on the Las Vegas Strip and seen from space, the Las Vegas metropolitan area is the brightest on Earth.

Las Vegas is situated on the arid desert floor, surrounded by dry mountains, desert vegetation and some wildlife. As befits a desert, much of the landscape is rocky and dusty. However, the city itself has a great deal of lawns, trees and other greenery.

{Las Vegas has an arid desert climate.} The city enjoys abundant sunshine year-round and has about an average of 300 sunshine days a year, with very little rainfall. Annual precipitation in Las Vegas is around 110 mm, which mainly occurs during winter but is not uncommon anytime of the year.

The summer months of June through September are very hot and mostly dry. Average summer daytime highs are between 34°C – 40°C and nighttime lows between 21°C and 26°C. Most days in July and August exceed 38 °C but with very low humidity, frequently under 10%.

Winter in Las Vegas is of short duration and is generally mild with daytime highs of around 16°C and nighttime lows of about 4°C. The mountains surrounding Las Vegas accumulate snow during the winter but snow is rare in the Las Vegas Valley itself. Temperatures in winter can sometimes drop to a freezing 0°C.

A major part of Las Vegas’ economy is based on tourism, also including gambling. The primary drivers of the Las Vegas economy have been the confluence of tourism, gaming, and conventions which in turn feed the retail and dining industries. The area has several companies involved in the manufacturing of electronic gaming machines, such as slot machines.

The major attractions in Las Vegas are the casinos. The Las Vegas Strip, also known as Las Vegas Boulevard, is home to the most famous hotel casinos. Many of these hotels are massive, carrying thousands of rooms, with their large adjoining casino areas.

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The city has become a global shopping destination over the years. Las Vegas Boulevard South is known as one of the world’s greatest shopping streets.

Exclusive boutiques in exquisite casino resorts vie with huge outlet malls. On the Strip, shoppers will find everything from haute couture to traditional Vegas souvenirs – dice clocks and playing cards. Spectacular shopping areas featuring some of the world’s best brands and most exclusive designers have opened at resorts on the Strip.

You can play almost any game in Vegas, from blackjack, poker or roulette at the casinos – 24 hours a day. Sports betting is another game you can try if you are not into the table games. You can also entertain yourself with the slot machines if you are not a “serious” table-player. If you don’t know the rules of the games, you can learn a little bit more at casinos that offer gaming lessons.

Enjoying your retirement years

Americans live much longer in this day and age.With all the breakthroughs in medicine people are able to live longer lives.With quite a few people now living longer, the care of the senior is becoming more of a concern.

In times past care for seniors happened through nursing homes.  But with healthier seniors nursing homes wasn’t a fun option.So what has popped up is being able to care for seniors at home.  I have seen this explosion in home health care through my home health care San Diego company.

Some of the reasons for rise in seniors staying home are many.Quite a few seniors still have the desire to be independant.  When they are placed in nursing homes they lose that independance. With the use of senior home care their independance is maintained.Great part about it all is the fact of being able to get their needs taken care of while they still keep their independance.  Needs that they might not be able to do since they are older.

Another benefit I have witnessed first hand through my senior home health care Escondido company is companionship.  Often times a senior can feel alone in a nursing home.  Even though they are surrounded by people it isn’t the same.It is not quite the same as being home with your loved ones.  I have seen seniors live longer happier lives just from using my senior home care La Jolla company.

The final benefit is the fact that all their needs are met. As we age we sometimes aren’t able to take care of everything.A few times we have a harder time remembering things.Or there will be instances were we just can’t care for ourselves like we used to.  Well using a home care agency allows those needs to be met.

As you can see the longer lives seniors live still requires some care.Senior health care gives the senior the ability to receive that care.They still will receive the necessary care while still enjoying the comfort of home. Senior home care might be what your loved ones need.

How to use your car to save money

Today many Americans are looking for ways to save money.With the current state of the economy who can blame them.They find ways to get rid of extra expenses.  Maybe they go out less.They are not purchasing things they have no use with.  But I would like to suggest a way you might not have thought about.That way you can find with your car.

When a lot of people consider using their cars to save money they think of ways to use less gas.They try to figure out ways to use less gas and spend less on gas.But what I would like to point out that if your car is properly cared for you will save more in the long run.  I know this for a fact running my San Diego auto repair company. 

With a lot of cars people in general don’t think of doing maintenance. Unfortunately the only time they do think about it, is when it is too late.They wait for their car to have something go wrong or something to break down.But from what I have witnessed doing this and waiting ends up making the auto repair expenses more costly.

Take your brakes for instance.If you do proper maintenance with your brakes you are able to avoid expensive repairs.  If you don’t you can  have expensive discs you have to repair.Or you may have to get the brake shoes replaced.By making sure that you use your brakes the right way and mainaining them you will save a lot of money.  So take it in to a brake shop like my San Diego brakes shop and you can find out if you need to do anything.  Thinks like making sure it has enough brake fluid. 

Or people don’t get tuneups with their car.  They let the engine go.They aren’t doing an oil change as much as they are supposed to. This leads to the engines running bad in your cars.So bad that the chances of it passing a smog test is slim at best.  From what I have seen running a San Diego smog check shop, if you fail a smog test, this can lead to expensive repairs just to get it to pass.

But if you do the proper maintenance you will keep your car running well.  The engine will run smoother and properly.Wait longer then you should and you will end up spending a lot more money then expected.

Hopefully this shows you that you can save money by maintaining your car. Spend a little now to save more in the future.

Travel To France

France receives 82 million foreign tourists annually, making it the world’s top destination. By itself, the Eiffel Tower brings in 6.2 million visitors per year. But apart from the culture and history of Paris, the country also offers beaches, fabulous countryside and skiing.

France is of course world-famous for its cuisine and so finding a fine dining experience is a simple task whether it be anything from a simple and affordable brassier or bistro to a Michelin starred restaurant. When you get your restaurant bill, the service charges and taxes are incorporated into the total.

France is also world-renown for its wines and is a veritable paradise for wine lovers. Only the finest in quality and variety are offered, but it is important to be cautious with drinking prior to driving, as the French authorities are strict when it comes to drunk drivers. Beer is a common drink as well, particularly in northern parts.

French hotels rank from one to four stars, as authorized by the Ministry of Tourism. The rating is shown by all hotel entrances, on a blue shield. All hotels in France must display their rating on the outside of the building by law, however don’t be afraid to go in and ask about their pricing.

Hotels in the city center are often pretty small, so it’s best to get advance bookings. Be sure to check the parking arrangements, in big cities especially.

The Chambres d’hotes, otherwise called Bed and Breakfasts, are common rural establishments which can be found in rural areas. These operate on a nightly basis, as do the motel style hotels that lie along the roadside.

If you go to France for an extended period, you might want to rent a home, villa or apartment from a website of good standing. If several of you are traveling in a group, this would serve as a good choice.

French Phrases

Punta Cana Vacation Packages

If you are ever wondering where to vacation, let’s suggest Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. Punta Cana vacations are definitely one of the best in the world to enjoy. The Dominican Republic is situated southeast of the Bahamas and west of Puerto Rico. Its sharing the island with Haiti. It has over 300 miles of white sandy beaches with extensive mountain ranges. Punta Cana is on the most eastern tip with great weather all year round. Reserve yourself one of the Punta Cana vacation packages that are available.

The beaches are the number one attraction, and many choose Punta Cana Packages simply to relax and do nothing more than lie in the sun and enjoy the clear, calm waters. A majority of the resorts are all-inclusive and are at the beachfront, so for those searching for relaxation you can spend time on the beach and by the pools.

These activities in Punta Cana outside the resorts and hotels are taken in excursions provided inside the resorts like the one to isle of Saona. These excursions usually involve an extra fee and take the day but are worth it since it can include fun rides like on a helicopter, a catamaran, horses, and more. Normally on the first day of arriving at a resort there is a guide that will explain all the activities done by the resort and the costs involved. So if you are looking for an all encompassing, excellent vacation getaway, you can’t do much better than booking one of the Dominican Republic Vacations available.

Visitors who come to Punta Cana and resorts with the hope of experiencing some entertaining nightlife will not be disappointed. Indeed, there are plenty of great discotheques and plazas close to the major resorts in this area. At the resorts, there is always plenty of excellent nightlife options. If you’d like to go out for the evening and dance the night away, you will have a chance to do so in this part of the country.  Discover what so many people know and you will be sure to have an unforgettable time.


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Head off to Egypt and see some of the most amazing landscapes in the world!

If you want to now where Egypt is, then look it up on a map, just joking it’s in the north east of Africa. Egypt is a very large country, and because of this it also has a lot to give to people. If you look at the History of any other country you will see that Africa has a much longer recorded one.

So why go on Egypt holidays, well I will explain what advantages there are in this post. If you are the kind of person that enjoys learning about the ancient world, or wanting to discover something new, then this is the place for you. The sheer history of Egypt is immense; it holds the oldest writings in the world. The Egyptians were the first of the real civilizations, they had pharaohs and slaves who built the massive pyramids. Considering its size, there are not that many people that live here, only 76 million. The cultures are diverse, but the main religion is Islam.

If diving is your thing, then the red sea offers it all, and you can stay at some of the most luxurious resorts in the world. Not to mention the Great Pyramids and the sphinx. Cairo has been world renowned as the place or learning, culture and commerce. The best place to learn about all of Egypt’s history is Cairo, it contains so much information about Africa and the beginnings of the Civilizations of the world.

There is plenty of diverse and very unique art that has lasted for many years, it is still in healthy condition today. Considering their age, they have lasted well throughout the years, this is a great experience for any art or culture student wanting to learn something extraConsidering their age, they have lasted well throughout the years, this is a great experience for any art or culture student wanting to learn something extra.

If you want to go to a football mad country, then Egypt is a good place to be, it has become their national sport. Egypt has been a member of the Football history for over 100 years and so has just as much enthusiasm in the sport as other countries do. The Egyptians are also very keen horse riders along with great tennis and squash players.


Save up and go abroad for your holiday!

Personally staying at home for a week would get pretty tedious, but people are doing it more and more. This has been considered doing your bit for the English recession and helping to maintain the money flow in England. Well if you ask me, if people are just going to stay at home on their time off, they won’t be generating any money for anyone.


So why aren’t people travelling abroad for a sunny vacation, prices are lower than ever. Holidays to the Caribbean have never been this little in cost, there are even more flights to these locations as well! Well the main reason that is obvious as to why people aren’t embarking on these deals is the recession. Even though these prices have plummeted, people still find it hard to gather all the necessary funds. Still, considering you can go to the Caribbean for less than 500 pounds per person, a holiday for a couple still has to be on the cards.


Families will struggle the most from these holiday prices. The best option is instead of getting small luxuries, is to save up for one holiday a year for two weeks, this way you get one massive luxury in one big flush. It doesn’t make any difference to our economy if you holiday abroad, it might improve it actually. Some people really don’t think though, if all they are worried about is not supplying the British economy with money, then think of it this way, your not paying any British Travel agents if you don’t go anywhere.

A “Staycation” (what a horrible term) will be a waste of anybody’s time off. It doesn’t make sense to me, people go to work and then go home, so when you get the time off work, you would surely want to go on holiday? The one advantage with having a holiday at home is the fact that it is easier for families, especially to just take your children to the beach. Don’t stay at home for your holiday, treat yourself and have a good time.


If you are looking for Caribbean holidays, then try Barbaods holidays or St Lucia holidays, they are great fun for all the family.


Sustainable Tourism

For sustainable tourism, we need to protect the cultural environment as well as the natural environment.  We need to respect local cultures and ways of life, and contribute positively to local communities.  

Tourism has the potential of harming both locally and globally… but if we practice sustainable tourism, we can keep the negative effects to a minimum.   

If we’re not careful, we’ll degrade the environment and the cultures we travel to see.What ever your destination, the locals depend on toursim profits to support their economy.  If you go someplace because there are wonderful native handicrafts, you need to buy some of those handicrafts from locals, so they get the money.  

If you’re visiting a national park, you need to employ locals as guides so they will continue to value and protect the park.  Those are the kinds of things that make for sustainable tourism.

Here are some more things to think about when choosing a hotel, a tour group or activity…..

Is the hotel locally owned and operated so that the profits stay in the community?  If not, is it at least staffed by local employees?

How does the hotel contribute to the local community?Does the restaurant’s fruit and vegetables come from local farms?  Do they sell local handicrafts in their gift shop?

If you’re taking a tour, travel with a tour operator who is environmentally responsible.  Smaller group sizes make less of an impact… and make for a more enjoyable tour for you!

Is the group lead by a local guide?  Does the tour company contribute to the local community in some way?  To have sustainable tourism, the local community needs to benefit; not just some global tour company.

When hiking, stay on marked trails.  Maintain safe distances from any wildlife you encounter… for your safety AND for theirs.  “Leave only footprints”… carry your trash out or use trash bins.

If you’re snorkeling or diving, don’t touch the coral.  Be careful with your fins, it’s easy to kick the coral if you’re not paying attention or to stir up sediment.  Either way you can damage the reef’s fragile ecosystem… and reefs around the world are now in danger, so all need our help.

Try to buy local products…  You’ll support the local economy… and we all need that now no matter what country you’re visiting.  Foods will be fresher, give you a taste of local cuisine and save fuel because they haven’t traveled half way around the world… only YOU have!  Fewer imported products will be needed.  

Don’t buy souvenirs or other products made from endangered animals or plants.  You probably can’t get it through customs, and if you believe in sustainable tourism, you don’t want to contribute to the extinction of another species!  

Treat locals with respect.You are traveling to learn about local cultures!  Learn a few words… at least hello, good-bye and thank you.  Be open to our cultural differences.  Read up on the area you’ll be visiting so you’ll know how to dress so you don’t offend anyone.  Check to see if there are any behaviors or gestures that will offend your hosts.

Rejoice in our positive differences.  Support them, and you’ll be contributing to sustainable tourism.

Meeting That Special Someone on Holiday

When you think of holidays you probably think of getting away from work for a bit, topping up your tan and maybe letting your hair down. However, one of the fastest growing sectors in the holiday industry is the singles holiday, particularly luxury cruises singles holidays. On these holidays, people travel to destinations where they can meet lots of other single people and maybe make a connection with someone that lasts. Here is a guide to the most important things to bear in mind when going on this type of holiday and how to present yourself in the best possible way.

Get a tan. If you are going to a hot location like you might do on silversea cruises, you really don’t want to be turning up looking like a milk bottle. First impressions are the most important thing when meeting someone so make sure you have some color to you. this doesn’t mean going up 5 skin tones, just a light tan that shoes you get outside once in a while and take care of your appearance

Relax. If you are uptight, nervous or shifty no one will want to talk to you. Most often everyone on singles holidays are in the same boat so to speak and will be much more receptive if you just be yourself and let your guard down a little. If some around you is uncomfortable this rubs off on other people and you’re advice to them would be to relax and just be themselves. You just need to convince yourself to trust your own advice

Have fun
.It really is not the end of the world if you don’t meet anyone you like and you should not worry about it if you don’t. When all is said and done, holidays are about having some time to enjoy yourself and not worry about things, and this should be the same wherever you are at whatever you’re doing. You might meet someone, you might not. But as long as you’ve had fun you won’t feel like you’ve wasted a trip. For singles cruises look at AMA waterways cruises

Tips For The Travel Tourist

Whether you are traveling as a tourist for the first time, or you are accustomed to visiting new places and experiencing new cultures, you can benefit from new tips or reminders to keep your traveling troubles at bay. Making use of travel and tourism programs in foreign countries can make your trip more enjoyable. If you are traveling within the United States, a check of the official state or city website can help organize your agenda.

Documents You Will Need

Another important travel tip has to do with Passports and visas which are not the only documentation that may be important for some travel tourists. The visa is necessary to enter some countries that require this from visitors. Usually, a visa is applied for in the travel tourist’s home country through the embassy of the country that he or she may wish to visit. Whereas, a passport is the travel documentation unto which the visa is attached to. The travel tourist gets the passport from his home country and this is to be renewed for several years depending on the local laws and regulations.

If you already have a passport, make sure it is up to date. If your passport isn’t current, you will have to renew it. Remember, the passport can’t expire while you are out of the country, or you will have problems. Those tourists traveling with a minor child, will need a birth certificate or other ID for the airline. Additional documentation may be required, so check with the airline and the embassy of the foreign country on documentation required for minors.

What Not To Forget

Soap, shampoo and toothbrushes can be easily bought at the travel destination or may be provided by the hotel where the travel tourist will stay. The traveler may prefer to bring his or her own toiletries and it can be done although, many airlines these days prohibit many forms of liquids and gels in the flight cabin. These should be stored in the bag in the cargo bay.

People with chronic illnesses that require medication need to remember, not only to pack the medication, but to make sure the supply is sufficient for the length of your trip. While no country would deny a travel tourist emergency medical care, it may be impossible to see a doctor for a routine prescription refill. If you can find a doctor, it will likely be very expensive. Also remember eyeglasses and contact lenses. You can carry a laptop, cell phone. camera or iPod onto the plane, but it may be best to pack your chargers in your checked baggage. You may forget something, just don’t forget the important things and enjoy your trip.