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Helicopter Ride In New Zealand – For Transfers And Special Interest

When you were a kid, you used to imagine being in mid-air and feeling the strong wind blowing on your face. Perhaps a soldier or a 911 rescuer, heaving up survivors or just a wealthy man travelling from place to place in your private helicopter.


Now in your adult years, you are not in the army, neither in the 911 rescue team and you are not a wealthy enough to have a mansion and a helicopter of your own; yet you are crazy about helicopters. Would you not be interested in taking helicopter tours to Kapiti Island


The helicopter is probably one of the best inventions made for aerial transport to this date. They may not be as fast as other aircrafts, but they can hover at any point you want to; this is the quality that makes it versatile. Helicopters were made for various purposes and helicopter tours in New Zealand can be for scenic flights, transfers special interest or for commercial and aerial helicopter services.


You can learn more and you can choose from  helicopter rides in New Zealand.



Do you need aid for airport transfer to your destination or a return trip going to the airport? Helicopter tours in Kapiti offer reliable and experienced airport transport services, provided that you let them know what time you need them.


The special interest flights include hunting trip drop off, wedding arrivals for the newlywed, pick up service, scenic flights or transfers for special occasions and more. The flight transfers could be from anywhere to any location and can include transfer from Wellington airport to Greenmantle Lodger or to the Marlborough Sounds.


Hospitals can also make use of helicopters for evacuation or transport patients from remote areas. Sometimes, helicopters are the only way to rescue people or deliver food to areas affected by calamity such as flood and earthquake.


Generally, helicopter rides are offered as part of tour packages to give you a view of the city or coast you are visiting. Sometimes, you just want to ride on a helicopter since you just never did previously. The helicopter scenic flights in New Zealand are the most popular fun services that you can avail and gives you a view of the picturesque scene below.


For $95 for two passengers on a ride, you can already avail the City Flight departing from Lindale and flying out to the mouth of Waikane River. You can choose the Kapiti Experience package for 2 persons too and glide your way in the air – this is something you should not miss. At the same time, you can have the combination of two flight packages for $420 per person, you can visit the Kapiti Island and Mt. Hector.


The duration of the flights differ according to your chosen package, like the city flight that last for 8 to 10 minutes only, the Kapiti Island experience is for more or less 20 mins. and the combined flight package to Kapiti Island and Mt.Hector could last up to 40 minutes.


Moreover, helicopters in New Zealand cater for various commercial services like lifting, frost prevention and for aerial photography or filming. Helicopters have excellent weight lifting capacities of 250 or up to 1000 kg on hook and in case your vineyard needs protection, just pay what is flown and the frost prevention service will be done all the way from Blenheim to Hawkes Bay. If you need to get a short film clip of your property, it is the aerial film service that you should choose.


Are you interested about helicopter tours in Wellington, just check this site

Having New Zealand Tours For A Glimpse Of This Beautiful Country

The picture perfect landscapes that exhibit greenery, snow, glaciers, mountains and awe inspiring flora and fauna is what New Zealand is all about. The beautiful climate, exquisite natural destinations, urban towns and cities that are drenched in rich heritage and culture, there is nothing more that you can ask for as a tourist. With excellent places for stay, superlative travel and transport alternatives, New Zealand is a great delight for a holiday. You can read on to get more information.

New Zealand is a land blessed with natural beauty and wealth. New Zealand tours guarantee you innumerable National Parks and other natural destinations that you could visit. Besides New Zealand is a well developed country and it has several urban cities to its credit. These cities are not only known for its urban way of life and the facilities, but most of them have attractive heritage destinations. The beaches of New Zealand, the various luxury cruises available here, all add up to make New Zealand one of the most popular tourist destinations of all times. The exotic and unique birds are a great delight for tourists and bird watching is a common pass time for tourists.

There are a host of National Parks in New Zealand which can be variously covered in the various New Zealand package tours offered by various travel agencies. The Arthur’s Pass National Park. It is located between the city of Canterbury and the West Coast in the South Island. You are promised of large slopes, steep gorges and wide braided rivers. One could find exotic birds here like Kea Alpine Parrots and Bell Birds or Koromiko.Marlborough Sounds Maritime Park.

The highlights of this park is the drowned river valleys, intricate water ways and wooded hills. This park is located in Nelson.Westland National Park. This beautiful national park is located in South Island. You could see snow capped mountains, tussock grasslands, lakes and rivers here besides awe inspiring snow capped mountains. An important attraction of the Westland National Park is Franz Josef Glacier which descends from the Southern Alps. The Franz Josef Glacier and the Fox Glacier together make a World Heritage Site. One can always enjoy New Zealand in a luxury coach.

The picturesque cities of New Zealand are very urban and provide you with all comfort and luxury. There are fantastic tourist attractions here.Some of the best New Zealand tour packages promise you sightseeing destinations in Wellington like the Botanic Gardens, Kapiti Island Nature Reserve, City Gallery and Karori Wildlife Sanctuary to name a few. The city of Auckland too has its share of tourist destinations.

Gifts From Emirates. What To Buy?

Emirates commonly known as a shopper’s shangrila, there is something for everybody to purchase. So, where to go and what to buy?

Gold. A visit to any of the gold souqs or gold centres is an absolute must. All towns have dedicated gold souqs as well as a selection of individual stores in upmarket malls. The range is biggest in the souqs, and indeed many exclusive jewelry boutiques are based in the souq. You will find row on row of shops with stunning displays of gold jewellery in each conceivable design and purity:18- and 22-carat are common, but 24-karat is available, although the deep yellow hue of the high-carat jewelry is not to everyone's taste.

Spices. In the spice souqs, sacks of extraordinary spices spill out into the narrow alleyways, filling the area with a winy aroma.Try some of the following: Bezar – a mix of Arabian spices.Coriander (jiljalan) can be fresh greenleaves, seeds or ground. Cardamom (hal) pick pods that are pale brown or green in color. Good for flavouring gahwa (Arab coffee).

Carpets. Persian carpets are at the top of the price scale and many are so delightful that putting them on the floor is practically unthinkable. There are numerous cheaper options, most just as hard wearing. India, Kashmir, Pakistan and to a lesser degree Afghanistan all promote high quality carpets. Many are copies of Persian designs but some are original. Most carpet traders are knowledgeable about their stuff and will likely be happy to provide an explanation for the difference between a machine made or handwoven carpet and describe in detail how carpets are made and from which villages they originate.

Electronic Products. In general electronic and PC products are considerably cheaper in the U.A.E. There are a few superstores in major malls suggesting just about everything that plugs in and plays, as well as numerous smaller outlets that are extremely well stocked.

Hence what are you waiting for? Be ready for a thrilling trip to UAE and make your vacations delightful with cheap car rental Dubai.

car rental Abu Dhabi airport is the right way to see the U.A.E.

But only with car rental Sharjah you may remember this trip for along time.

Limousine Hire In Sydney To Make You Ride Like Royals

The stretched cars which are associated with royalty, power, and class have always been adored by men and women. Today, there are plenty of companies who offer limousine hire in Sydney for special events. In searching for the ride which could make you feel like royals, here are some considerations:

The Driver
• Check whether the drivers are certified for this special sort of vehicle.
• They have to pass a written and practical test provided by authorities of the transportation bureau.
• They need to also show you that they have passed the mandatory medical checks such as physical assessment and drug screening.
• You may also run a background check on the driver who’s going to be assigned to you in case you still have additional time. Assess if they have no criminal history records and earlier driving incidents. If the passengers are mostly teenagers or young children, doing this is highly recommended.

The Automobile
• Determine which kind of limo will suit your needs.
• Events like weddings, prom nights, political events, and formal social meetings are great with classic and traditional models.
• Contemporary types like Hummer limos are also loved because of their fresh appeal. They may be used in bachelorette parties, stag nights, and party buses.
• Figure out the number of people the car may accommodate.
• If time permits, visit the rental place and take a look at the cars personally. If not, carefully study the photographs provided online.
• Party limousines are great if the car features its own bar, sound system, and strobe lights for a clubbing vibe.
• More formal amenities must be present for renting purposes such as airport pickups of political figures and other dignitaries.
• The license numbers of the cars should be legitimate.
• Insurance coverage is also a must. Accidents could happen at any time.

The Agency
• The company you select should be accredited by the country to operate.
• Check their years in business. Their experience and reliability could be reflected in how long they are in operation.
• Browse the net for recommendations from previous customers for personal accounts on their service quality.
• Ask relatives and friends for personal references.
• Check the kind of services they offer and the prices. For driver gratuity, an additional of ten to fifteen percent is frequently charged.

There are several Sydney limo hire companies on the market today. Be meticulous in checking each one to ensure that you stay safe and have fun at the same time. Never put your life at an increased risk by just putting up with inexpensive services.

Travelling To The West Coast Of New Zealand

Speaking of the West Coast of South Island in New Zealand, the region offers a kaleidoscope of activities, and is the right destination for a fun-packed tour of New Zealand. Read on to know more about New Zealand.

Adventure seekers can find a range of activities at the West Coast. Along the Franz Josef glacier, ATV quad bikes are an exciting option. Speeding these quad bikes through the forest, the riverbeds, and the muddy stretches is a thrilling experience. Those who enjoy tramping through snow can opt for a guided walk tour along the glacier. A more leisurely activity is the walk through the Pancake Rocks and Blowholes National Park.

The West Coast boasts of five of the total 13 national parks in New Zealand. The Paparoa National Park can be visited through Punakaiki. The destination is ideal for a day’s holiday, a weekend break or more. Paddling the Pororari River, going kayaking, or rock climbing are some of the activities here.The highpoint of this region is the breathtaking West Coast Road, rated as one of the top road experiences the world over. The road offers the most fabulous sights of glaciers, luxuriant forests and the magnificent Tasman Sea.

Hot springs are a wonderful surprise during New Zealand tours in the scenic area of Central Southern Alps. Tourists love to relax in these natural hot pools. The wondrous fact here is that these rivers are fed by the glacier, and the natural hot springs exist alongside. One of the most enchanting experiences on this route is to enjoy champagne as the balmy waters of hot pools soothe your skin.Rafting in the Wanganui River, or a guided walk through the rainforest are other popular activities here. What draws a fantastic number of tourists is the Black water rafting through the Ruakuri cave. The ceiling of the cave appears to be the Milky Way, made up of millions of glow worms. Tubing downstream through the cave is almost like floating in outer space.

The riches of the West Coast are hard to resist. A beautiful souvenir of the region is a jade that you may find on the splendid beaches of the Tasman Sea. If you have patience and want to follow the footsteps of gold seekers, you might even successfully hunt for gold.In the towns along the West Coast, master craftsmen create fantastic pieces out of green gemstone. Some of the finest specimens of jade craftsmanship can be found at Hotitika. You can try some sculpting yourself and carve a jade under the guidance of experienced tutors. One can also visit for more details.

Tent And Canopy Essentials

The term canopy is derived from the Greek word, konops that basically means various small biting flies. Shakespeare defined the term canopy to be a protective fabric against flies. This description is very much related to the name itself. The term was also used by Herodutus when speaking of the netting which the Nile fishermen utilized to shield themselves from pests.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for a canopy or tent which is very versatile and can withstand the test of time.

  • Aluminium poles – these are more convenient to utilize because they do not break easily.
  • Big rainfly – this is basically the umbrella of the tent. Be sure that the umbrella is large enough. The larger the rainfly, the more effective it is.
  • Folded seams and double stitching – make it a point that the material applied has a double stitch to prevent leaks.
  • One piece tub floor – see to it that the tub floor of your tent is water-resistant, and it must be several inches up before it’s sown on the wall of the tent.
  • Sufficient guy lines- make sure that the guy lines are complete so that you can have an intact tent. It isn’t relaxing to sleep in a tent that isn’t anchored and often gets disrupted by the wind.
  • Good quality stake loops – these are applied to every corner of the tent and on the middle of each side. This prevents the tent from being blasted by the wind.
  • Noseeum meshing – here’s where you can put your trash and keep those nasty pests away.
  • Tent with roof vent – this is for fresh air when you’re inside the tent. In addition, it eliminates the condensation inside.
  • Heavy-duty zippers – you’ll be going in and out of the tent, so be sure you have the best zippers so that the tent does not get worn out easily.

Click here to learn more about canopies and tents.

Avoid A Deer Tick Bite To Fend Off Lyme Illness

Residents in the northeastern U.S. should make preparations to avoid a deer tick bite when heading outdoors this spring because of the stifling effects of lyme disease. Ecologists at the Cary Institute of Ecology Studies in N. Y envision that this will be a record year for Lyme illness dissemination, thanks to a sufficiency of barbarous deer tick nymphs that'll be sprightly in May and June. The fender crop of ticks has nothing to do with the warm weather though. It’s all about the acorns!

In 2010, oak trees throughout the northeast yielded a huge number of acorns. Where there are acorns, there will surely be rodents. In 2011, populations of white-footed mice and eastern chipmunks proliferated due to the wealth of acorns. So last year, we had lots of white-footed mice running around our forests and many harbored the bacteria, Borrelia burgdorferi, which causes Lyme disease.

Deer tick larvae looking for a blood meal had a bounteous supply of white-footed mice on which to feed, and many of last year’s tick larvae settled down for the winter already harboring the Lyme illness bacteria in their bodies. Ecologists Dr. Richard S. Ostfeld and Doctor. Charles D. Canham have been tracing this boom-bust pattern for years and noted that tracking acorn and mouse excess has been a pretty reliable way to envision when Lyme disease transmission will spike and what the signs of lyme disease are.

Last fall, acorn production dropped precipitously and left mice and chipmunks without much to ingest. As a consequence, now in 2012, there have been far less small mammals running around northeastern forests. This spring, when all the infected deer tick sprites wake up and start looking for another blood meal, they will have a much more hard time finding a mouse or chipmunk to eat. And therefore they will make fast onto the 1st warm-blooded animal that passes by which just might be you.

Remember, deer tick nymphs are miniscule and about the size of a poppy seed. If you spend a little time outside this spring and live in the northeast, make sure you do a thorough tick check after. Sprites will be active across the spring and summer, and May and June are when they are most active.

Southeast Texas Trees is a distinct arbor care service. Their article debates the heightened perception of the effects of lyme disease and how to avoid getting a deer tick bite which will pass on the illness.

Enjoy Yourself With New Zealand Tours In Fall

For people who want to have New Zealand tours in autumn, you will feel a kaleidoscope of colours embracing your senses. Feel warm golds and alluring reds splashing the landscape from March to May.As the temperature goes down, weather gets more stable, resulting in clear blue sky and longer days. From sub tropical northern climate to liberal southern atmosphere, autumn is the time for vineyard harvesting and enjoying orchard fruits, or simply to explore the region. Read on to get more information.

Visit the South Island on New Zealand tours, and enjoy the festive spirits as the seasons change colours. Enjoy the Festival of Colours in Wanaka, along with the West Coast Hokitika Wildfoods Festival. Here you can sample astonishing morsels of different varieties like beetle larvae locally known as huhu grubs along with wasabi ice cream.

Make sure to attend annual festivals like Bluff Oyster & Southland Seafood Festival. This festival is particularly important for Bluff oyster fans. The Biennial global WOMAD music and dance festival in Taranaki (North Island) is a diverse mix of movement and rhythm. You can also visit the ferociously competed Wellington dragon boat race that is a cultural and sporting event like none other. And when you are on New Zealand tours in autumn, do not forget to take pleasure in some peaceful time cycling, walking or horse riding, while enjoying the long days, vivid atmospheric colours and blue skies.

North Island would have mild temperature, and so it would be a great time to go for swimming with dolphins in the east coast, or just to walk in the Tongariro national park before the mountains get covered in snow.Autumn in New Zealand is the time when trees are laden with fruits, gardens are brimming with vegetables, grapes are plump and seafood is bountiful. It is the perfect season and thus makes it the right time to go on New Zealand tours. One can always enjoy New Zealand in a luxury coach.

There are many food & wine festivals that are mixed with the jazz spirit and outdoor concerts. This gives visitors a lot of opportunity to enjoy the award winning New Zealand produce.Relax in any of the many quaint wineries and feast on the local delicacies of the area while actively participating in sporting and cultural events on New Zealand tours. Enjoy any music or art festival while enjoying the beauty of the landscape of New Zealand. Share your wonderful experiences with welcoming locals. New Zealand is certainly at its best in autumn. Feel the joy of the season as you book New Zealand tours in this season.

Experience A Taste Of Africa With Zimbali Self Catering Accommodation

Being part of a upmarket security complex, Zimbali self catering accommodation is a really great way to visit the fabulous South African North Coast. There are a no restrictions presented by mealtimes, permitting the ultimate in flexible vacations. Many people on restricted diets would rather cook for themselves.

Zimbali is on the outskirts of the town of Ballito, which boasts excellent shopping facilities as well as a selection of top class restaurants. This means that vacationers do not have to cook, unless they prefer to do so. There are a variety of restaurants with an option of different international cuisines, as well as many fast food restaurants.

Accessibility for visitors is enhanced by King Shaka International Airport being so close. The many attractions available in Durban are also within easy reach by road. Dukuza, formerly the capital of Shaka, but now a simple little village, is right next door.

A drive of only an hour or two over excellent roads takes visitors to the resort of St Lucia with its well-known lake and associated nature area. Well known game reserves such as Hluhluwe and Mkuze, together with game fishing at at St Lucia and Sordwana Bay, help make the trip worthwhile. The variety of wildlife includes the Big Five as well as crocodiles and many other species and abundant bird life. The St Lucia wetland park comprises at least five ecosystems, with the lake being a well-known World Heritage Site because of its unique features.

The wonderful beach sand and delightfully warm water is among the better reasons for staying at Zimbali. Along with many boutique shops, there is also a gym to cater for fitness enthusiasts. Ballito and its environs as well as the resort itself have several spas available with a range of treatments.

Should accommodation for a longer period be needed, it would also be possible to find an apartment to rent in the complex. There are top-notch security measures in place as well as the extremely luxurious accommodation. Beautiful landscaping and excellent garden staff make it easy just to pay a visit to the available attractions on a whim.

Local people even commute to Durban from the area: facilitated by the excellent freeways. The infrastructure will surprise visitors expecting the usual African standards of poor-quality roads. Because it offers all the conveniences expected for a modern lifestyle, Zimbali self catering accommodation makes an ideal base from which to experience the true Africa without all the associated hazards.

Best Queensland City Is Brisbane

Brisbane is the capital of Queensland and the 3rd biggest town in Australia. During the past Brisbane’s bigger city cousins felt the town could not struggle with them for culture, dining and nightlife but all that’s changed.

Brisbane is now growing faster than any other major city and with the city is consistently adding more for entertainment, fantastic dining and a great live music scene in the inner town area of Fortitude Valley. It’s also got one of the finest climate of any capital in Australia.

The sub-tropical climate means it is warm throughout the year with mild, dry winters. The city enjoys over three hundred days of sunshine a year and as a result the town makes excellent use of the outdoors and the river that wraps around the town.

Getting Around: Once you’re in Brisbane it’s best if you hire a campervan to go to everything. Otherwise an alternative choice is that it’s easy to get around the central areas by foot or public transport. The general public transport is operated under the name of TransLink and permits the use of a single ticket for bus, rail and ferry. Make sure you explore the river using the fast and smooth City Cat catamaran ferries.

If you are staying in the CBD itself or close to the stream precinct of Southbank then you’ll be able to explore much of the centre simply by foot. The CBD area of the town is reasonably compact. However , if you want to get farther away from the centre then Brisbane sprawls out a long way and you may find auto rental a nice option.

There are numerous Brisbane automobile rental firms to make a choice from including all of the massive names and a number of local minimal cost operators. A word of alert. If you choose a low cost car rental firm then read the small print in extensive detail. A couple of the firms charge admin and other costs in the event you cause damage to the car and hide this in reams of small print on the contract.

What to do: Brisbane has lots to do but here are one or two proposals to get you moving.

  • Explore the river thru the Citycat ferries. Stand on the front or rear outside sections to get the very best perspectives of the multi-million dollar riverfront houses and residences along the river .
  • Visit Southbank on the other side of the brook to the city .
  • Visit the eat street areas of the inner city suburbs of West End, Paddington and Oxford Street in Bulimba.
  • Shop on the Queen Street Mall which features a big selection of stores including malls Myer and David Jones.
  • Play a game of bare-foot bowls at Merthyr Bowls Club on Oxlade Drive in New Farm. Access is easy via the Citycat ferry using the New Farm Parklands stop.
  • Head to Moreton Bay and take a ferry over to North Stradbroke Island, one of the biggest sand islands in the world and home to some great beaches.
  • Use Brisbane as a base for close by destinations such as the Gold Coast, the Sun Coast and Australia Zoo which is 1 hour north of Brisbane by road

Brisbane is an increasingly popular destination for Australian and world visitors so take care you make it part of your trip.

John Wright’s works are in books, articles and websites all around the world. Read more: Driveabout Campers or Campervan Hire Qld.