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An Exciting Exploration To The Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef Queensland is the highlight of the Australian state of Queensland, it is situated in the famous Coral Sea of north eastern Australia. It is the biggest reef system of our planet having more than 2,900 reefs in it. The region also have around 900 islands that cover an overall area of 2,600 Km.

The primary reason behind the fame of the Great Barrier reef is that it is structured by piling up of living organisms; it is the biggest among all other single structures of the world created by living bodies. The entire reef system is made with billions of minute organisms known as the coral polyps. This matchless attributes of the Great Barrier Reef made it one of the most esteemed heritage sites on earth; the place was tagged as a ‘Heritage Site’ in the year 1981. Often, the region is also described as Queensland’s state icon.

Covering a huge area of the Great Barrier Reef is a Marine Park; the marine park helps in limiting the effects of human invasions (for instance frequent visits for tourism and fishing) on this natural beauty of Australia. However, the primary threat to this region is not human use; the region is threatened more by the climatic changes, which is accompanied by coral bleaching.

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Australia. The economy of the region is vastly dependent on the tourism industry; it gene rates a revenue of above $1 billion every year.

If you are planning to visit the Great Barrier Reef, you must visit the place during the months September, October, November, April and May. During these months, the humidity of the region stays low and your will get warm water. You should never visit the Great Barrier Reefs from June to August; these are the winter months of Australia and the temperature of the ocean water stay extremely low during these months. The winter months must definitely be avoided by people interested in taking part in the underwater activities such as scuba diving. This place is also known for hosting a number of local festivals; if you want to enjoy the experience of being a part of those festivals just like the natives of the region, plan your trip according to the festival dates. The most famous festival of the area surrounding the Great Barrier Reef is the Gold Coast Marathon.

Tourists coming to this part of the world will get a number of accommodation options; they can stay in hostels, campsites, farms, bungalows and resorts based on their budget. Great Barrier Reef Queensland Coast will allow you to have maximum fun without going beyond your buget.

Some Information On Snorkelling Day Cruises Departing From Cairns

One thing that you can’t miss out on experiencing while you are in Cairns Australia is visiting the Outer Great Barrier Reef.  There are millions of brightly coloured fish and corals that your mind will spin and your trigger finger will get sore from taking so many photographs.

There are two different types of reef trips that you can do, and it all depends on your pesonality as to which kind is going to suit you.  As I have done most of the reef tours from Cairns, I have chosen the reef  tours that I thought were great.

These cruises are good value for money and are primarily for the young.  However, if you are adventurous in nature, you will surely enjoy these day cruises. Of course there are many more boats available, feel free to email us for any more info.

If you’re interested in a reef cruise that’s a lot of fun, in addition to great snorkelling and diving, then look no further!
‘Passions’ has their own mooring site on the Outer Barrier Reef out of Cairns, which means no one else kicking you in the face with their fins (no overcrowding)! The staff are very inter-active with all of the passengers, getting you involved in all of the days activities. You won’t be able to escape them when they come around to paint your face with zinc cream (all in the name of skin cancer  awareness!), or when they try to get you dancing the moonwalk around the middle deck of the boat on the way home.
Scuba diving is available, and ‘Passions’ is actually the first boat I ever did a scuba dive on. If you’re as chicken as I was, the very understanding dive instructors will hold your hand the whole way!
Stopping at Upolo Cay on the way back to Cairns and being served a complimentary glass of wine while enjoying the sunlight, is a great end to a perfect day.


My Short Break In Cairns, Tropical North Queensland

Here’s the next post as promised just about my vacation in Cairns.

Passions of Paradise. This was our only chance to do the Great Barrier Reef from Cairns and we were happy with our decision. The boat carries approximately 100 people and that was about the size we wanted. Big enough to have a bar and toilet facilities, but small enough that you didn’t feel you were on a cattle flatboat either. The staff were thorough and attentive. Your safety was their upmost concern and they also endevoured to make sure you got your money’s worth out of your cruise. They stopped at Fitzroy Island and their own coral bommie for bird watching and reef snorkelling and scuba diving. While we were in the water, they kept a sharp outlook for sharks. Nobody on this cruise even got seasick so we did all right. They feed you a barbecue luncheon and they have a bar you can buy water, soft drinks and beer at. At the end of the day they put up the sail but still drive in. I can’t think of a more perfect day trip to the reef. At the end of the day each crew member hugged you getting off the boat. It’s touches like that that make me want to recommend them.
Jaques Coffee is situated about an hour drive from Cairns, near Mareeba. You can do tours on the coffee plantation here, which they highly recommend – although I can’t say anything about it, as I didn’t do the tour.
The Centre’s café is a very calm, beautiful place which a large outside area, where you can sit and relish the view of eucalypt woodland. It’s a not cheap, but I think it’s worth it, as the atmosphere is so nice and relaxing. Everything is made of wood and there is also a gift shop where you can buy coffee and everything around it. They also care for some injured wallabies , so you can go and have a look at them, and maybe feed them if you ask.
Just opposite the Flecker Botanic Gardens you find the rain forest boardwalk that leads to the Centenary Lakes and Saltwater Creek. The walking trail goes directly through the forest, so you can really feel like being in the wild ;-) So just enjoy the lush, green forest and also seeing some animals, like kookaburras.
Centenary Lakes and Saltwater Creek look very idyllic – but don’t go too close to the water, as there have been crocodiles reportedly in the lakes!

Australian Travel – Top 5 Adventure Destinations

While the economy is making people cautious with there money, adventure holidays offer an outlet for fun.  One way to exercise caution whilst still having adventure is by choosing holiday rentals in domestic getaways for your vacation this year.  Holiday accommodation prices are falling as owners and hoteliers put sales on to ensure a strong flow of traffic.  Thus, as there are so many places in Australia to visit, you’ll be sure to find something offbeat and entertaining to challenge you at a price that will please you.  Here are five of the top adventure destinations in the country to help you get started with your planning.

The Kimberly Region:

You’ll not be finding any posh holiday rentals out in the Kimberly, as this area caters to the truly adventurous.Bush skills including first aid, survival and navigation will be useful as you explore the gorges.Getting a guide can help make the most of your trip!One option is to book a scenic plane or helicopter flight and then land to some serious wilderness hiking and camoping.  Typically, overnights here will mean camping or rustic-style bed and breakfasts.

Great Dividing Range:

The mountains here are perfect for skiing, climbing and white-water rafting.  One can appreciate the challenge of getting up Mount Arapiles even if you’re not Australian.  Holiday accommodation here is usually a small hotel or ski lodge, with some camping available as well.You can’t ski during the summer months when the snow has all melted but the area still offers mountain biking, hiking, paragliding and more in the summer.

The Murray River:

Winding along for 404 miles, the Murray River provides a wealth of adventure.  You can get holiday rentals for a spot of rafting, or book a multi-stop tour and do the length of it by canoe.  Start at the border of NSW and head for the sea—it’s a feat many attempt but not all accomplish.  Why not have a few bragging rights off your vacation this year by trying it?

Northern Territory:

If you’re going off the beated track then trekking in the Northern Territory is serious business.The amazing views of the landscape and lack of any crowds make the challenge rewarding.Out of respect for the traditional aboliginal land owners and safety you must stick to marked trails.  The less restricted areas still require you to check in with rangers, but the adventure of it all is thrilling.  You can camp, trek, climb, go four-wheeling or any number of other tough adventures. Make a Darwin holiday homes booking to start your trip and then head out to explore the state and it’s national parks.

The Great Barrier Reef:

After all the inland adventures, head for the Great Barrier Reef.  Quintessentially Australian, holiday accommodation here is more than a simple bush camp.  You can live high while snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, paragliding and wave boarding.Getting on the reef is an amazing spectacle that has to be experienced. There are a whole range of adventures to enjoy including the obvious such as scube diving and snorkelling.  Almost.  Holiday rentals in the high season are very hard to come by, but getting a group together and renting a house on the beach can make for a truly memorable holiday stay.  Small cottages, fancy furnished condos, and simple bed and breakfast boutiques are available. The regions most popular destinations are the Whitsunday Islands including Hamilton Island, Port Douglas and Cairns. Make sure you book Cairns accommodation or for any other popular area well in advance.