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Some Information On Snorkelling Day Cruises Departing From Cairns

One thing that you can’t miss out on experiencing while you are in Cairns Australia is visiting the Outer Great Barrier Reef.  There are millions of brightly coloured fish and corals that your mind will spin and your trigger finger will get sore from taking so many photographs.

There are two different types of reef trips that you can do, and it all depends on your pesonality as to which kind is going to suit you.  As I have done most of the reef tours from Cairns, I have chosen the reef  tours that I thought were great.

These cruises are good value for money and are primarily for the young.  However, if you are adventurous in nature, you will surely enjoy these day cruises. Of course there are many more boats available, feel free to email us for any more info.

If you’re interested in a reef cruise that’s a lot of fun, in addition to great snorkelling and diving, then look no further!
‘Passions’ has their own mooring site on the Outer Barrier Reef out of Cairns, which means no one else kicking you in the face with their fins (no overcrowding)! The staff are very inter-active with all of the passengers, getting you involved in all of the days activities. You won’t be able to escape them when they come around to paint your face with zinc cream (all in the name of skin cancer  awareness!), or when they try to get you dancing the moonwalk around the middle deck of the boat on the way home.
Scuba diving is available, and ‘Passions’ is actually the first boat I ever did a scuba dive on. If you’re as chicken as I was, the very understanding dive instructors will hold your hand the whole way!
Stopping at Upolo Cay on the way back to Cairns and being served a complimentary glass of wine while enjoying the sunlight, is a great end to a perfect day.