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Planning A Vacation Before Booking A Vacation Package

For people who want to plan a vacation easily, one easy way to save money and make vacation planning easier is to benefit from the advantages of booking a vacation package. A vacation package is a bundled service that includes specific travel services that paid for as one fee. For instance, by combining airfare, lodging, meals, and vehicle rental into one vacation bundle, you will save money as you are paying one fee at a lower price than if you were paying each separately. You can learn more from this article.

Travel booking companies get the vacation packages cheaper which allows them to offer the vacation packages to customers at a cheaper price. With some research, you can find the ideal vacation package that fits your travel budget and vacation preferences.You will discover spectacular vacation packages to a variety of destinations, including tropical destinations. These vacation packages can vary and they are available as various types of packages. You can view it from the Internet as well.

You can select such vacation packages as cruises, couples vacations, resort vacations, family vacations, theme vacation packages, etc. To find a vacation package that is affordable, online travel discount websites is the best place to start searching for a vacation package. In addition, you will find lower prices on last minute vacation packages as well as cheap flights to a variety of popular travel destinations.Travel booking websites post many all-inclusive trip packages on their site.

These vacation packages range from two-star to five -star luxury vacation packages. Most all-inclusive trip packages will include flight, car rental, certain meals, hotel or resort, and other perks such as access to certain attractions and activities. Depending on the vacation package chosen and what is offered, activities can include diving excursions, deep sea fishing, tours of the area, shopping excursions, ski tickets, etc. You can even find vacation packages that include staying in a luxury resort where you can enjoy such perks as luxury spas, massage service, and shopping at charming boutiques.When planning to book a vacation package for your next vacation, think about what you want to do on your vacation and the type of accomodations you prefer.

For example, if scuba diving is your passion, look for a vacation package that offers scuba diving activities as part of the package. Also, flights are often cheaper when bundled in a vacation page so if you want to save money, booking a vacation package may be the ideal solution.If you want to explore the local culture, look for vacation packages that offer a tour service. When exploring the various vacation packages, make sure you not only compare prices, but also compare what each package offers regarding flights, activities, accomodations, amenities, and other services.

As well, you can often find reviews online about vacation destinations. You can make vacation planning easy when you book a vacation package. Whatever destination you select, make sure you check an online travel discount site to check out their cheap vacation packages as well as their cheap flights. It will help ensure you get the best vacation package that meets your needs at a price that fits your budget.One can always visit for more information on vacations.

Find A Special Vacation For Beautiful Memories

It’s a fact that conventional vacation sites like the awesome Yellowstone Park, huge and impressive Yosemite, or even the beautiful Hawaiian Islands such as Kauai and Maui are popular for family trips. Fine for families or individuals who have no imagination or an adventurous spirit. Safe and memorable, these generic trips are often local or at least limited to US soil or properties. Why not take an epic and adventurous trek to faraway lands? Why not visit the homeland of your ancestors? Why not make your next vacation trip one that you will never forget or be able to duplicate? Visit Africa or Antarctica. One can just read on for more information.

Take a tour of the Far East and see places like Palestine or Asia to visit Bombay India or the Great Wall of China. Have an experience, not just a vacation. You can view it now. Africa is known as the Cradle of Humanity because nearly all of mankind traces back to this land. Take a trip to Nairobi and see fantastic wild life never found in your home neighborhood. See if you can spot the various types of animals at the Serengeti National Park, exotic animals that abound in the area and maybe even take a hot air balloon ride for the most spectacular view of some pretty awesome countryside. You may even spot lions or cheetahs along the way. If you’re the energetic and athletic type maybe you will love a visit and a climb up Tanzania’s peaks or even track game in South Africa on a walking safari.

Taking a journey to Antarctica has been called journeying to the ends of the earth because it is the absolute bottom of this planet! Awe inspiring vistas and locations so cold you dare not stand still will await your inspection and provide memories that will remain with you for a lifetime. Cape Horn is fantastic any time of year as is the Drake Passage with its mythical waterways. The Falkland Islands are technically part of the south Atlantic yet make an ideal stopover for nature loving tourists because of all the wild life found in the area. Look for Elephant seals, Albatross, go whale watching, or be on the lookout for five different species of penguin.

Considered another origin of humanity, the Far East has locations steeped in history that are important to visit, particularly for those who have any interest in genealogy and where they came from. Tour the temples you will find at Edfu and Kom Ombo or see Cairo and Aswan. Soar over ancient lands in a hot air balloon for an awesome experience. Maybe you’d rather lounge on a beach in the Sinai? The golden sands, color filled coral reefs, and rock formations that are absolutely incredible make you appreciate a snooze on that beach.

Moreover, whether you wish to visit China and walk the Great Wall or wander about the great national parks of Nepal you will be in love with the impressive locales. Maybe take a wildlife safari and see how successfully many species, previously hunted nearly to extinction, have made a return. Float the Rapti River in a canoe but be on the lookout for the flesh eating (marsh mugger) crocodiles! Try super excitement by riding an elephant and searching for Indian rhinoceros or hard to find Bengal tigers. One can always visit for more information.

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How To Choose Ideal Vacation Rentals

People living in fast running city life always look for some peaceful and leisure moments. Vacations are such a good option that gives city dwellers some relief and break from their ongoing monotonous and hectic daily life. Vacations render people a chance to spend their free time among their near and dear ones and unite with them. One can read on for more inforcmation.

When it comes to enjoying the holidays at a stretch, city dwellers love to spend their specific time in calm and cool natural environment. To do so, they need to book a space where they can get what they actually want and expect. Availing vacation rentals for spending vacations is one of the best options for the people who want to make a difference to their leisure period.

Renting out a fully-furnished house or apartment or room in green areas is becoming increasingly popular among people across the world. People can avail a holiday rental in the form of a holiday villa, apartment, cottage, condominium, town home or single home. Owing to world class accommodation amenities, timely customer services, modern furnishings and eye-catching interior and exterior designs, these rentals attract everybody. You can also view it now for the great vacation rentals.

Known for clean, private, and fully-equipped with modern living facilities, holiday rentals make people feel comfortable and relaxed 24/7. These rentals are a perfect example of captivating designs consisting of beautifully decorated windows, curtains and furniture arrangement that depicts the image of local culture and tradition. These rentals can be availed on the basis of people’s living needs for one or more than one days. These rentals are found in the calm and placid environment of the world’s most desirable locations.

Exclusive and customized rental spaces are found spacious, airy, neat, and clean that suit specific living needs of visitors and tourist genuinely. Equipped with perfect interiors, vacation rentals induce warmth, charm, and visual appeal. These rentals overcome the expectations of people as they have been made customized so that people can feel at home while using them individually. These rentals are genuinely user-friendly that allow people a homely environment and make them feel convenient and happy. These customized rentals are perfect accommodation options for short term living. One can also visit for more information.

A Guide To Planning Your Summer Vacation

There are a number of vacation destinations that may possibly be considered as family friendly vacation but not all are the same. As a parent you may possibly be wondering how you can discover the wonderful summer vacation for your family.When traveling with children, the guidelines used to choose a vacation destination change. As an alternative of choosing a poor quality vacation or one that is guaranteed to offer excitement, you will need to keep your family in mind.One can read on for more details.

You can do by targeting your summer vacation to the ages of your children. There are a considerable number of vacation activities that are simply proper in support of children of a specific age. You are advised to keep these activities in mind whilst selecting a destination. Planning a family vacation around your children may possibly seem challenging, but it is something that all parents should be care of. If you are concerned with the restricted number of activities that your child may be able to participate in, you could work to develop their capability to participate.For example if you are interested in vacationing at the beach, but your child does not know how to swim you may possibly certainly teach him or her. This accomplishment could promote to a beach vacation doable for your family.

Once you have determined which type of family vacation you’d like to take, you can start selecting a destination. When selecting a destination it is also important to examine the destination’s ability to accommodate children.For instance, if you are interested in taking a beach vacation, many families point out to stay away from the South Beach area of Miami. Of course you can schedule your next vacation there if you’d like however, the area is well known for its famous nightlife. You can also view it online.

If you are looking for a vacation destination that specifically targets families, you may perhaps want to examine vacationing at an amusement park. Amusement parks are located all around the world and they come in a large variety of various sizes.For shorter vacations, you can visit a smaller amusement park. For longer vacations, you can select an amusement park that is large in size and has overnight accommodations. These amusement parks are not limited to, but are likely to include, Orlando Studios, Six Flags, and Disney World.

Amusement parks are well-known for being “family friendly”. Almost all amusement parks offer a wide range of rides and attractions geared towards individuals of all ages.Vacationing at a well-know campground, state park, or amusement park is ideal for families looking to plan a summer vacation. While they are all popular vacation destinations, it is critical to remember that they are not the only destinations available. When traveling with children, you can still select the vacation destination of your choice. However, while doing so, you are encouraged to exercise your best decision.

It is achievable to preparation the family vacation of your dreams. There are a huge number of popular summer vacation destinations that target families as a whole. Booking a vacation at one of these fashionable destinations is the greatest way to ensure that everyone will be able to enjoy their summer. After all, you can also check out for more details.

Getting Special Romantic Honeymoon Vacation

Book your honeymoon package online or please submit your honeymoon travel request, and a romantic vacation expert will contact you. We are dedicated to making sure you have the perfect honeymoon vacation package from start to finish. A honeymoon vacation package, or any TransGlobal vacation, would be a unique gift idea that you know won’t be the wrong color or size. To book your honeymoon vacation package make your reservations online. Read on for more details.

Booking a romantic honeymoon vacation package can be fun and exciting to do as a couple. Discount Honeymoon vacations to honeymoon resorts for the island honeymoon and honeymoon package that you dreamed of. You may also choose a honeymoon vacation package or spa vacation customized especially for you. In all likelyhood, you can build the ideal honeymoon vacation package without even leaving your state. Best place to find honeymoon travel,romantic honeymoon,Tahiti honeymoon and honeymoon vacation package. Look for the link on the left side to help pay for your honeymoon vacation package. You can also view it now.

Before deciding on your honeymoon vacation package, study this website and give Good Earth a call for personalized, attentive and courteous service. Your honeymoon vacation package is not restricted by season. Picture of hawaii honeymoon honeymoon in malaysia package honeymoon night european honeymoon vacation honeymoons all inclusive honeymoon destination.A wedding is an expensive affair, so booking your Hawaii vacation during the off season can help you save hundreds on your Hawaii honeymoon. Hawaii is a perfect destination for your honeymoon vacation because it is known to be main destination for lovers. For that truly romantic honeymoon vacation or destination wedding, in Hawaii, romance is the very essence of life. We sincerely hope you find this information helpful in planning and arranging your vacation or honeymoon in Hawaii.

The perfect romantic honeymoon vacation may make a honeymoon, a celestial experience. Aruba’s spectacular Resorts & Casinos provides the perfect setting for honeymoon travelers to experience a vacation that’s nothing short of unbelievable. As a matter of fact, honeymoon cruises have a higher percentage of satisfied customers than any other honeymoon vacation experience. Come to fiji and experience the honeymoon vacation of a lifetime. You have taken the first step to an extraordinary honeymoon vacation experience. I dare to say that both of you will experience a wonderful honeymoon vacation here.

Enjoy your honeymoon vacation and romantic getaway in Varadero beach. Enjoy your honeymoon vacation and romantic getaway in beach vacation. All inclusive honeymoon hotel for romantic honeymoon vacation, beach vacation and romantic getaway. This charming, handcrafted cabin in the heart of the Patagonia Andes will be your own private honeymoon vacation getaway. who are looking for a peaceful, relaxing, natural getaway to spend an unforgettable honeymoon vacation.

If your are planning a romantic honeymoon wedding, check out these top places in the world to have your honeymoon vacation. Simplicity planning the wedding is stressful enough and you certainly don’t want to come back from your honeymoon needing a vacation. Honeymoon Vacation Low rates, great photos, and honeymoon specialists for assisting you in planning your honeymoon vacation. One can also visit for more information.

India Tours – Remarkable Explorations

India Travel Guide

A unique blend of natural beauty, diverse cultural difference and ancient heritage awaits those who would travel to India. One can weave through India with its beautiful and captivating intricacies. You have a chance to view the beautiful snow covered peaks of the Himalayas, the lush green meadows of Kashmir, the attractive plains and plateaus in the rest of the country. It is quite a wonderland that enthralls visitors with its natural splendor and diversity.

Kerala, meaning God’s own country, offers sightings like no other. Be it the sparkling backwaters of Kerala or the white sandy palm fringed beaches, the beauty is limitless and the experience memorable. Plan a stay in the fully updated house-boats in the enjoyable conventional set up making your visit an unforgettable one. While the houseboats are equipped with all the essentials, you can lay back and lose your self in the spectacular beauty of the environment.

As you experience the different sights, one can easily fall in love with its myriad of traditions. India cultural tours take you across the various cultures of people all over the country. Experience the unity in diversity. The culture of people in Ladakh, the various historical monuments, the amazing customs of the tribes in North-East, the temples in the south, historical caves and the various fests celebrated all over the country highlight the multi faceted neo-traditional acculturation of this great country.

With the various packages and the ability to customize them, you can see India like the way you want it to. There’s something for everyone. Travelling across the nation, you can stay in some of the best hotels that would redefine the definition of luxury. The various tour packages let you experience different opportunities to view the incredible India. Experience the plentiful wild life in the numerous beautiful wildlife National Parks over the country.

Take pleasure in your stay in Kashmir, the haven on earth or the golden desserts of Rajasthan. Pleasure yourself by the serene beauty of the East or ornamental beauty of the South. The stone carvings in temples in Madya Pradesh will bewilder you while the beautiful seashores of Goa will leave you craving for more. India is a complete place and an ideal place to go for travel. Select your tour package now and be prepared to be fascinated. Feast your sights and experience Asia like no other by visiting India, where it is guaranteed to leave you with everlasting memories of splendor.

Numerous travel companies claim to provide India tours, but here at Falcon and Sachz you will discover that we actually do offer some of the most affordable holiday deals on the internet! We can tailor make all types of great value vacations, everything from inexpensive complete holidays to great value self catering holidays.

Lodging In The Outdoors Filed With Fun Activities

Hotels and Lodging

Planning a vacation with your family can be done easily by renting a lodging place so that you can relax. The place you select should be reachable by car. Most families prefer to have a couple of weeks away from the normal stress filled life and have some fun. An affordable and good lodge should be appropriate if you want to enjoy with your family without wasting too much money. Numerous lodges nowadays are known to make available modern comforts to the guests so that they do not have any problem during the stay.

You can spend a lot of quality time with the people in your family by taking them to a holiday lode on vacation. Eating in restaurants all three times a day during vacations is not a cost effective option at all. One of the best things about a lodge is that it is fully furnished with a kitchen or provides cooking options to the family staying there. This feature is quite valuable as indoor cooking will enable you to save loads of money during your stay. Also, you will certainly crave for some tasty homemade food once you get tired of eating out at restaurants.

A lodge can also be used by couples and not just by families on a vacation. This is a very good way of surprising your partner if you want to make a romantic gesture on your anniversary. Fireplace, hot tubs, kitchen and spacious rooms are some of the modern facilities that are offered by lodges nowadays. These facilities make the lodge suitable for stay on short term or long term basis. Couples find lodges to be a very good option as they get a lot of privacy that is not seen even in the best hotels around.

A very big benefit of booking accommodation in lodges is that the natural environment surrounding the lodge is perfect for outdoor activities. There are a lot of outdoor activities that you can take part in such as water sports, mountain climbing, horse riding and taking a stroll to the beach. This is a very good option for adventure lovers too. You can even simply take joy in the scenery of the outdoors that one does not get to see in the cities nowadays. Everybody has something or the other to do while residing in lodges on accord of the various facilities available.

You can get lodging in peaceful environment so that you are able to relax or spend wonderful moments with your family. A lot of vacation parks are adding more kid friendly activities so that the whole family can enjoy to the fullest. You can even visit major attractions near the lodge if you want to go on a day long trip with your family. Affordable rates are one of the good points about renting a lodge. Have a great time relaxing the whole day or spending quality time with your loved ones in the warmth of the great outdoors with lodge accommodations.

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Things You Can Do In India

India Tours

There are a number of fun and meaningful things you can do while touring India. From tiger safari in India to shopping, from vineyard tours to “voluntourism”, activities in India are numerous. Listed below are ten great things that you can do while in India.

Tiger Tours:There are a variety of alternatives to go for tiger safari in India. You can select tiger tours at national parks such as Jim Corbett, Sunderbans, Kanha, Ranthambore, as well as Bandhavgarh.

Adventure Tours:For your vacations in India, you can go for some incredible excursion trips, especially in the Himalayas. The most famous activities for excursion travel in India include river rafting, hiking,water skiing, yak safaris, and para-gliding.

A new trend in tours includes volunteer tourism or ‘Voluntourism’ where you can participate in social work. You can volunteer for social service organizations for free or at a minimal cost for food and lodging.

Going Shopping: Perhaps the most interesting for shopaholics with lots of bargains from books to erotic aids. There are specialties in every area that you would like to take back home for a souvenir. You are able to shop for Indian crafts, clothing, jewelry, and a lot more.

Spiritualism:India is the land of spirituality. During holidays within India you can participate in an ashram, or even visit Buddhist Vipassana meditation retreats. India is a wonderful place to study yoga. Find spiritual peacefulness along the banks of Ganges at Haridwar,  Varanasi, or Rishikesh.

Ayurvedic Treatments:During India holidays, you should check out the Ayurvedic method of natural healing that has been practiced within India for over Five,000 years. There are many health resorts in the country where you can relax and refresh your body and mind through Ayurvedic healing.

National Park Adventures:Depending upon your preference, you can select from over Four hundred and fifty wildlife sanctuaries as well as hundreds of nature during India tours. You can go for elephant safaris in national parks at the trail associated with tigers or even spot rhinos together with thick greenery.

Kerala Backwaters Tours: The brackish lagoon lying parallel to the Arabian sea is something for everyone visiting India for the first time shouldn’t miss. It would be a trip of a lifetime to experience the local culture and food, among unusual plant life and animals.

Green tea Plantations:Are you a tea lover? If yes, then don’t miss the lush green tea leaf gardens throughout your India holidays. You can tour tea production facilities and spend a couple of days in a tea estate of your choice.

Winery Tours:Each growing beverage industry within India has made it easy for tourists to check out lovely wineries during India tours. At four hours distance from Mumbai, Nasik provides more than 50 wineries with tasting areas that you might enjoy on your vacation.

Fully ATOL protected India holidays. We provide high quality Luxury Holidays to India, group tours and tailor-made holidays to many of the India’s best and exotic regions.

Spend Your Holiday In Incredible Locations With Holidays To India

India Holidays Travel Guide

The bronze age where the mystic Indus Valley civilization strived have left fascinating relics and monuments that every tourist in India should see. India is perhaps the most diverse country you’ll ever visit and touring the countryside alone would make your two days full. Each and every element of India is worth exploring and worth enjoying; you’ll get insolently favorable atmosphere and exclusive attractions in each corner of the country. Indeed, finding such rich civilization and culture blending together in harmony would be like stepping into another world. The splendor of the country can keep you captivated for a very long time.

There are several tourist destinations and exciting attractions that you can go during your India holidays. Unbelievable packages awaits your holidays to India so that you can truly maximize your stay in India. Check out India and see its unbelievable educational tradition and get enthralled with excellent temples, implausible forts, historic & marvelous monuments, and several gorgeous vacation spots, Rajasthan safaris, striking beaches and backwaters of South India and many more. There’s no dearth of vacation spot in India. The astounding coastline of Goa and Kerala where the entire air is filled with some sort of saga which totally departs you enthralled. Kodaikanal, Munnar, Gangtok, Ooty, Darjeeling, Kalimpong, Nainital, Shimla, Mussoorie, Manali, Kullu, Kashmir, etc are a few of the famous hill stations in the country of India, that are perfect for experiencing tranquility and cheerful vacations in India.

Vacation packages to India are prepared to bring families mutually, and get breathtaking reminiscences together. The Indian tour agent systematizes unique safaris, for wild life enthusiastic vacationers, in several wildlife sanctuaries and national parks. The holiday packages make all extraordinary preparations for travelers to take pleasure in the joyfulness and endeavor in jungle and store the memories by photographing. The adventure-seeking tourists can also opt for trekking trips prearranged by tour operators in India and may also feel the excitement of climbing the Himalayan mountains.

Travelers can take a ride over the regal elephants throughout the vibrant towns of India, and can go to the huge palaces of the great Maharaja’s of the pre medieval times. The vintage temples provide fantastic art pieces that demonstrate every aspects of life. This assists in helping the new generation of India to live their lives properly. All these qualities make these travel packages to India a very attractive touring choice. The travelers can go through online information regarding different Indian tour and holiday packages. The tourists can check comprehensive information about all of the holiday destinations, tickets, itineraries, and accommodations etc. Prior online bookings will reduce any unnecessary hassles while going to this incredible land. The Indian tour staff also proffer budget packages to suit economy class tourists’ pocket. One can also consider the help of travel agents while picking out the packages for his or her favorite destinations and to end up all of the questions concerning the trip.

Historic bluffs can go and bathe themselves in the splendor of ancient cultures which is extremely diverse. It has essentially given the world an excellent covenant in the fields of medicine and science. Different forms of remedial like Ayurveda and Acupressure are becoming favored options. Your travel and tour in India could be much more rejuvenating and unwinding with herbal massage therapy, using the finest of aroma oils and herbals. These certainly help in releasing all sorts of stress and pressures. Ayurvedic massages are specifically available in Kerala. They even help in treating sickness and disorders in your body. Some yoga, massage and meditation surely help to restore the harmony of your body and leave you feeling charged. The weather in India varies significantly with the region and area. The best time to go to India will depend on utterly on the locations to be visited in the nation.

Lots of travel companies claim to offer cheap Indian tour packages, but here at Falcon and Sachz you’ll find that we actually do provide some of the cheapest vacation deals on the internet! We could tailor make all kinds of fantastic value vacations, everything from cheap all inclusive holidays to great value self-catering vacations.

A Remarkable Experience In India

India Tours

India tours are the most affordable of Asian countries that it is often referred to as ‘pocket travels’. This is due to the affordable tours and packages available for everyone to enjoy without eating up on your budget. However, we’re going to talk about ways to have a luxurious travel around the country for the convenience of individuals enthusiasts of luxury living. Elegant palace hotels to royal trains, distinctive cruises to remote beaches, marvelous Spa and VIP passage bookings every thing about luxury tours to India is overwhelming and even crazy often.

Ways to pamper yourself differs from simply putting a face pack to taking a private jet to remote beaches for a swim. Once we discuss luxury India tours issues one need to experience in the country are:

Stay and indulge yourself with the glorious destinations that include a stay in a palace like hotel, or have a chauffeur driven vintage car coasting along the rich cultural diversity of Udaipur. Soon you’ll be in a boat which will bring you to the property that seems much more wonderful with Aravalli Mountains and City Palace as background. The property epitomizes grandeur and splendor of royal age and provides numerous distinctive experiences to its esteemed visitors. 66 rooms and seventeen suites are laden with complex décor charming the guests with its royal aura.

Traveling Via Regal Train: Serving luxury-seekers and people enthusiasts of train journeys, Palace on Wheels is one magnificent train that departs from New Delhi and goes over Agra, Bharatpur, Udaipur, Chittaurgarh, Sawai Madhpur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and Jaipur in eight days. The train is known for getting beautifully done and has 14 coaches which is named after past Rajput regions. Even the interiors and aesthetics of these coaches is really a similar to the royal reign. Each coach comprises of four cabins and is replete with state-of-the-art amenities such as wall to wall carpeting, air-conditioning, DTH satellite TV, intercom, channel music, attached bath and are served by personal staffs.

The serene and romantic atmosphere of Ayurveda, coupled with the gental hands of Kumarakom makes it a large hit among couples for the once in a lifetime tour. Several areas of south India has excellent Healthcare Centers and Spas where Ayurveda is performed and practiced; one such location is Purnagram that is a Holistic Health Village in Kumarakom. Situated on the banks of Kerala’s most holy river, Purna River, Purnagram is blessed with a holy aura which is further enhanced with an organic healing atmosphere. Here authentic and traditional Ayurveda and Yoga is provided together with Reiki and Pranic Healing treatments. Learned and highly experienced professionals provide spiritual classes and Yoga and meditation trainings for a highly refreshing experience. For its top quality accommodation and Ayurvedic treatments, the place has earned a Green Leaf Certificate from Govt. of Kerala.

Several distinctive experiences enveloped with richness are thrown at guests’ feet on their luxury India tours. The idea is to provide a totally unblemished façade of India tours and to produce innovative and exclusive procedures of traveling the gorgeous sub-continent of India.

Falcon and Sachz of London specialises in Affordable and cheap Holidays to India, top quality escorted team & private trips and personalized vacation. At Falcon and Sachz ltd, our commitment to our clients is unconditional and shown in our tour packages.