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Why To Visit Airlie Beach In August

Airlie Beach awakens to the tourist season in August.

There are a number of events and improving weather to make it interesting for people to arrive. Airlie Beach August Vibe The vibe of Airlie Beach turns the corner in August with the arrival of improving weather and preparations for yacht racing weeks and the entourage that follows. Airlie Beach Race Week, festivals, The Great Whitsunday Fun Race and the Multihull Rendezvous are all part of a growing schedule of events for August. The spring in the step of the locals as they prepare is joined by the arrival of increasing tourist numbers, support crew for sailing yachts and the yachts themselves. Overnight it seems the change take hold.

Airlie Beach August Climate

The weather improves with uncanny regularity on the first day of August. Southern capitals can get some of the worst weather at this time while Airlie Beach gets warmer lighter winds, reliable sunshine for at least the first week of the month. Warmer conditions in the air make it more inviting in the water.

Airlie Beach August Prices

August is a time of high occupancy. You mind find it particularly hard to find accommodation during the events. With good numbers of tourists in town prices tend to stay at standard prices. Best advice is booking early, taking a longer number of days, or working with the accommodation provider to fit gaps.

Airlie Beach August Risks

Summer is now on the way, so the water temperatures are now increasing. Irukandji and Box Jellyfish risk is still low, but in the coming months it will be time to think about the warnings… The wetsuit is also required less. The stinger threat is still very low at this time of year. At all times you should follow the instructions from marine professionals.

Airlie Beach August Ending

Sailing, warmer temps, lighter winds spell “fun vibe” as Airlie Beach turns its back on Winter and looks toward the famous spring months that locals and tourists love so much.

This news report is part of a series about when to visit  Airlie Beach,Great Barrier Reef provided by Airlie Beach Hotel with quality in mind.


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The Many Places To See At Whitsundays

Whitsundays Yacht Charters

Experience the majestic beauty of Whitsunday Islands along the Great Barrier Reef.  This is a magnificent paradise whichAustraliais greatly proud of.  You will never forget a single day spent in Whitsundays whether you go there for relaxation or romance.  There are lots of things to do there especially when you take Whitsundays yacht charters or get on a cruise, either way, let the beauty of Whitsundays take your breath away.   Here are some of the places Whitsundays takes pride of.

1. The Great Barrier Reef – It stretches at a length of over 2,000 kilometers and protects the Whitsunday Islands from big ocean swells which makes them one of the safest sailing and cruising regions in the world. It is home to a wide array of aquatic animals from plankton to gigantic whales. Furthermore, it supports around 1625 species of fish, more or less 1400 varieties of coral reef, 3,000 mollusk species, 630 varieties of starfish and sea urchins, 14 kinds of breeding see snakes, 215 beautiful bird species with 22 kinds of sea birds and 32 shore bird species and a whole lot more.

 2. Whitehaven Beach – This beautiful island is surrounded by crystal clear blue waters and silica sand that runs at a seven kilometer stretch. It is the biggest island in Whitsundays. A famous cove found at northernmost part of Whitehaven called the Hill Inlet gives you the pleasure of seeing an almost magical scenery as the tide shifts the water and sand, creating a wonderful burst of colors.

 Once you arrive in this island, you will immediately realize why  a lot of people regard it as “The most beautiful beach in Queensland”. In addition to this title, it is also awarded by as “The most eco-friendly beach in the world”.    

 3. Hook Island – This Island has two major inlets, the Macona and Nara inlets. It is where you will find jaw-dropping and eye-popping under water coral growths which are widely known among thousands of snorkeling and diving enthusiasts. You can also ride a semi-submersible which allows you to have an exciting underwater adventure without getting wet. You can also go on a picnic and kayak around the island or walk through the forest with your family or friends. You will definitely enjoy every minute spent in Whitsundays as it is truly a fantastic place that everyone should see.

Destination guide: Lindeman Island, Australia

Lindeman Island, Australia, is one of the Lindeman Group of the Whitsunday Islands situated off of the coast of Queensland, Australia. Today the island features a Club Med resort, as well as a nationwide park, which protects the fantastic thing about the island and allows visitors to enjoy all the local nature has to offer.

The area was initially discovered by Europeans when Captain James Cook travelled thru in 1770, but the island itself wasn’t named until later on in the 1870s, when the island was named after the sub-lieutenant of the Royal Navy HMS Virago, George Sidney Lindeman.

The island stayed more primitive than other islands in the Whitsundays as the local Aborigines were protecting of it “it was a required part of their fishing routine, and their protecting of the island could be a contributing factor to why a lot of the land is protected today.

Attractions on the island include the Outer Reef, which can on occasion be enjoyed via a walking trail, and Whitehaven Beach, which is a sweet place to take in the sun and admire the environment. Miles of trails crisscross the island, and activities range all the way from swimming, scuba swimming and sailing to trapeze, golf, and archery at the Club Med resort. A Queensland Department of the Environment and Heritage pamphlet is available to lead those that want to explore the beaches and hills and learn all about the local wildlife.

Camping is available at Boat Port in the National Park, which provides access to different bushwalks “Gap Beach, Mount Oldfield, and Plantation Beach, among others. The walks vary from easy to moderate, and afford amazing perspectives of nearby islands and rainforest. The bird watching in the park can be very rewarding.

Golfing is a seriously well liked activity on the island, and many visitors use the break on the 9-hole course, which offers breath taking views of the Whitsunday Passage. Also available is an 18-hole course, accessible by a 15-minute plane ride to a bordering island.

Guests will find comfort in the island’s many available facilities. Whether vacationing with loved ones, or attending a business meeting at the resort, everyone will be in a position to enjoy the available food options and access to the resort bars and restaurants. The resort also provides washing facilities, medical services, and massage and spa services. For business wishes there are accommodations for as much as 200 guests, and gear for meetings such as projectors, lecterns, televisions and a sound system are available.

Getting there is simple. From Hamilton Island or Proserpine, a launch takes roughly an hour. Personal helicopter or plane rides can be arranged thru local airports for people that would enjoy a more than personal journey. Lindeman Island, Australia, is worth the trip.

Rhonda Elliott retired to Whitsundays in 2008 and enjoys writing about everthing the Whitsunday Islands has to offer.

Australian Travel – Top 5 Adventure Destinations

While the economy is making people cautious with there money, adventure holidays offer an outlet for fun.  One way to exercise caution whilst still having adventure is by choosing holiday rentals in domestic getaways for your vacation this year.  Holiday accommodation prices are falling as owners and hoteliers put sales on to ensure a strong flow of traffic.  Thus, as there are so many places in Australia to visit, you’ll be sure to find something offbeat and entertaining to challenge you at a price that will please you.  Here are five of the top adventure destinations in the country to help you get started with your planning.

The Kimberly Region:

You’ll not be finding any posh holiday rentals out in the Kimberly, as this area caters to the truly adventurous.Bush skills including first aid, survival and navigation will be useful as you explore the gorges.Getting a guide can help make the most of your trip!One option is to book a scenic plane or helicopter flight and then land to some serious wilderness hiking and camoping.  Typically, overnights here will mean camping or rustic-style bed and breakfasts.

Great Dividing Range:

The mountains here are perfect for skiing, climbing and white-water rafting.  One can appreciate the challenge of getting up Mount Arapiles even if you’re not Australian.  Holiday accommodation here is usually a small hotel or ski lodge, with some camping available as well.You can’t ski during the summer months when the snow has all melted but the area still offers mountain biking, hiking, paragliding and more in the summer.

The Murray River:

Winding along for 404 miles, the Murray River provides a wealth of adventure.  You can get holiday rentals for a spot of rafting, or book a multi-stop tour and do the length of it by canoe.  Start at the border of NSW and head for the sea—it’s a feat many attempt but not all accomplish.  Why not have a few bragging rights off your vacation this year by trying it?

Northern Territory:

If you’re going off the beated track then trekking in the Northern Territory is serious business.The amazing views of the landscape and lack of any crowds make the challenge rewarding.Out of respect for the traditional aboliginal land owners and safety you must stick to marked trails.  The less restricted areas still require you to check in with rangers, but the adventure of it all is thrilling.  You can camp, trek, climb, go four-wheeling or any number of other tough adventures. Make a Darwin holiday homes booking to start your trip and then head out to explore the state and it’s national parks.

The Great Barrier Reef:

After all the inland adventures, head for the Great Barrier Reef.  Quintessentially Australian, holiday accommodation here is more than a simple bush camp.  You can live high while snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, paragliding and wave boarding.Getting on the reef is an amazing spectacle that has to be experienced. There are a whole range of adventures to enjoy including the obvious such as scube diving and snorkelling.  Almost.  Holiday rentals in the high season are very hard to come by, but getting a group together and renting a house on the beach can make for a truly memorable holiday stay.  Small cottages, fancy furnished condos, and simple bed and breakfast boutiques are available. The regions most popular destinations are the Whitsunday Islands including Hamilton Island, Port Douglas and Cairns. Make sure you book Cairns accommodation or for any other popular area well in advance.