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If you are looking out of your window staring out at the rain and dreaming of sitting on a beach under the sun and relaxing then you are probably in the right frame of mind to book your next holiday and now is the perfect time of year to do it, booking your summer vacation early can save you money, ensue you get to go to where you want to go to and gives you something to air for during the months leading up to it. For many people around the world these days the appeal of going on luxury holidays as one of the many options available to them along side all inclusive holidays and tailor made holidays, the appeal in luxury holidays is that the service from staff at luxury hotels is second to none and the facilities at many of the top hotels around the world offer state of the art rooms and leisure activities and exquisite dinning.

Despite recent flooding in the country, Australia is one of the top 5 destinations for British holiday makers with many of them being drawn to the warm climate, guaranteed sun and no difficulty in language barriers, Australia holidays are surprisingly popular when you consider how far the country is from the British Isles. Some of the most popular destinations include the big cities such as Sydney, Perth and Melbourne and many people like to travel up the gold coast on the eastern coast of the country where excellent weather and beaches are unavoidable with many location offering that perfect beach bum and surfers paradise vibe

New Zealand has been an increasingly popular destination for holiday makers and travellers on their gap year, and rightly so, the country has so much to offer with deserted beaches and a good ski and snowboarding season being some of the big attractions, in addition to this the epic country side and variety of adventure and extreme sports has had many people booking New Zealand Holidays as a preferred destination for yearly vacations and gap year travels.

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