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Destination guide: Lindeman Island, Australia

Lindeman Island, Australia, is one of the Lindeman Group of the Whitsunday Islands situated off of the coast of Queensland, Australia. Today the island features a Club Med resort, as well as a nationwide park, which protects the fantastic thing about the island and allows visitors to enjoy all the local nature has to offer.

The area was initially discovered by Europeans when Captain James Cook travelled thru in 1770, but the island itself wasn’t named until later on in the 1870s, when the island was named after the sub-lieutenant of the Royal Navy HMS Virago, George Sidney Lindeman.

The island stayed more primitive than other islands in the Whitsundays as the local Aborigines were protecting of it “it was a required part of their fishing routine, and their protecting of the island could be a contributing factor to why a lot of the land is protected today.

Attractions on the island include the Outer Reef, which can on occasion be enjoyed via a walking trail, and Whitehaven Beach, which is a sweet place to take in the sun and admire the environment. Miles of trails crisscross the island, and activities range all the way from swimming, scuba swimming and sailing to trapeze, golf, and archery at the Club Med resort. A Queensland Department of the Environment and Heritage pamphlet is available to lead those that want to explore the beaches and hills and learn all about the local wildlife.

Camping is available at Boat Port in the National Park, which provides access to different bushwalks “Gap Beach, Mount Oldfield, and Plantation Beach, among others. The walks vary from easy to moderate, and afford amazing perspectives of nearby islands and rainforest. The bird watching in the park can be very rewarding.

Golfing is a seriously well liked activity on the island, and many visitors use the break on the 9-hole course, which offers breath taking views of the Whitsunday Passage. Also available is an 18-hole course, accessible by a 15-minute plane ride to a bordering island.

Guests will find comfort in the island’s many available facilities. Whether vacationing with loved ones, or attending a business meeting at the resort, everyone will be in a position to enjoy the available food options and access to the resort bars and restaurants. The resort also provides washing facilities, medical services, and massage and spa services. For business wishes there are accommodations for as much as 200 guests, and gear for meetings such as projectors, lecterns, televisions and a sound system are available.

Getting there is simple. From Hamilton Island or Proserpine, a launch takes roughly an hour. Personal helicopter or plane rides can be arranged thru local airports for people that would enjoy a more than personal journey. Lindeman Island, Australia, is worth the trip.

Rhonda Elliott retired to Whitsundays in 2008 and enjoys writing about everthing the Whitsunday Islands has to offer.

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