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Planning A Cheap Ski Holiday

If you are looking to plan a cheap ski holiday for you and your family but have no idea where to start I can help you. I have been on many a ski vacation and learned the tricks and ins and outs to planning a cheap ski holiday that is both fun and exiting. Just because you are trying to plan a cheap ski holiday does not mean it can not be a luxury ski holiday as well.

How To Plan A Cheap Ski Holiday

The most important thing is to minimize your expenses. Usually one of the biggest expenses when planning a cheap ski holiday is the travel cost. You can cut a lot of that out by looking for places that are closer by to where you live so that you can drive there. Not only does this save you the cost of air fare, but also rental cost on vehicle. Traveling as a family by airplane is very expensive these days, and although gas is not cheap it is far cheaper than the around $2000 you would pay in airfare.

The next thing that is extremely expensive when you are traveling is food. For a cheap ski holiday I would plan bring as much food as you can. Most ski resorts will have houses that you can rent just off site. In these house will be refrigerators, stoves, and all the amenities of home. You should use these to your advantage. On a family of four you can easily spend $250 to $300 a day on food if you do not eat in.

Plan out each meal, breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can bring a cooler and store it in the lodge so that you can bring sandwiches and snacks for throughout the day. Also pack a lot of juices, waters and other drinks as you will be surprised at number one how expensive they are, and number two how thirsty you are. These bottled waters and other drinks when bought at the ski resort can be very expensive.

Lastly is one for the parents, alcohol. More than likely you are going to want to drink, and the last thing you want to do is purchase alcohol in the resort town or at a local bar. Bring a nice bottle of wine, a case of beer, or whatever your drinking fancy is and you will be amazed at how money you save.

Well there you have it, a couple of simple steps to make the most out of your cheap ski holiday.

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