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Setting Up The Perfect Luxury Ski Holiday

If you are looking to plan the ultimate luxury ski holiday there a couple things that you have to look for without question. I have been on many a family ski holiday, and while some classified as true luxury ski holidays most were of the garden variety. I did however on each vacation I took find things I would do differently as well as see things I always dreamed would make the perfect luxury holiday.

What Makes A Luxury Ski Holiday

The key, in my mind at least, to a true luxury ski holiday is comfort. Whether it is a fine glass or wine or whiskey at the end of the day, or just being able to get into your pajamas without hassle luxury is all about comfort. Therefore the absolute number one thing on my list for a luxury ski holiday is a hot tub or Jacuzzi. There is nothing in the world like being able to get in and have a nice hot soak at the end of a long day of skiing. To truly wind down and relax only a hot tub or Jacuzzi will do. Many times you can get these outdoor overlooking the ski resort, and if possible I highly recommend it. Nothing feels better at the end of the day then letting your legs soak in the hot water while enjoying a nice cold beer.

Next thing that you need to have in my mind in order for the vacation to be considered truly a luxury ski holiday is having your lodging as close to the resort as possible. Ski in ski out is the best kind, and if you truly want a no hassle ski vacation this is a must have. If you are on vacation you do not want to waste your time traveling, but rather you should spend every moment possible enjoying yourself. Most resorts will offer lodging directly on the hill that you can ski right into. In addition, you will be able to get first run in the morning. If there is a significant amount of snow fall this is something you will truly want a chance to enjoy.

Last up is food. If you really want to go out all out, you can hire a personal chef to stay in your villa for the week or weekend. Just let them know on a daily basis what food you want and they will cook it up for you as soon as you come down in off the mountain. This is truly the definition of a luxury ski holiday.

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