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What Is A Ski Resort?

If you are thinking about going on a skiing vacation, you may be contemplating going to a ski resort. However, if after reading a ski resort review or two you are still at a loss as to what a ski resort actually is, you are not alone. Many people think of a ski resort as a place where you can simply go skiing. This, however, is not necessarily the truth.

What Does A Ski Resort Offer?

First, a ski resort has a ski area. This is a recreational facility that has been developed on a mountain or a large hill. It has ski trains and supporting services. Most ski areas have rental equipment, ski lift systems, and food. Most of these ski areas cater to sports like skiing and snowboarding, and some also have snow tubing facilities. Most of these ski facilities are located in high mountain areas where snow is a norm, but you can also find a ski area with artificial snow in a less snowy area. The paths where you ski are marked, and hopefully the ski resort you are going to will have several chair lifts to move skiers, snow boarders, and snow tubers up the mountain or hill quickly and efficiently.

Aside from the ski area, most ski resorts offer many other things to their guests. A ski resort is usually a ski area plus additional amenities that make it a destination resort instead of just a one day ski trip destination. Most all resorts offer lodging on site, and some even offer lodging on the slopes where you can ski right up to your door. Most ski resorts also offer a slew of other winter activities like sledding, horse drawn sleds, ice skating, sledding, dog sledding, and more. They also usually offer non winter activities like hot tubs, swimming, and game rooms. Most ski resorts were either built in a well established town or city, or have had a town or city crop up around the resort. Because of this, a ski resort will have local forms of entertainment available for your use as well. You will most likely be able to find a movie theatre, night clubs, a cabaret or theatre, and countless restaurant choices.

The Dangers Of Skiing

While skiing is actually less dangerous than other popular sports like football, swimming, weightlifting, and bicycling, many people see the sport as high risk. Because of this, a ski resort will have at the very least a first aid facility as well as a ski patrol service. The ski patrol service is there to make sure that any injured skier will be rescued. This patrol is like the ski resort police and is responsible for rule enforcement, closing ski runs, removing dangerous people from the area, and marking hazards. Make sure that your ski resort has some sort of ski patrol in case of an emergency.

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